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The Pursuit Doctor Of Physical Therapy Clinical Rotation

Pursuit Physical Therapy is always looking for the top DPT students who want a great clinical experience!

“…Pursuit Physical Therapy is your Holy Grail of clinical experiences!”


Stephen Y.

University of St. Augustine

“I’ve spent most of my life dedicated to the world of fitness. I played sports in high school, fell in love with lifting weights, became injured from said weights, continued to exercise, and ultimately found a passion for physical therapy. If this sounds like a familiar story, then Pursuit Physical Therapy is your Holy Grail of clinical experiences!

When searching for clinical rotations I was looking for an experience that would treat higher physical level patients and improve my manual therapy skills. After a quick google search, I found Pursuit at the top of the list. I began reading the reviews and was blown away by the tremendous love and respect the patients had for this clinic. Unlike traditional clinics, Pursuit is a one-on-one cash-based clinic. Whether it is an evaluation or treatment, Pursuit does NOT operate on a “conveyer belt-like system.” They give the patient their undivided attention to focus on finding and treating the root cause of their problems. As a student, you will be given mentorship as opposed to free labor and taught high-level hands-on skills you rarely see in any other clinic. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dr. Trey Martin and with his guidance, I was taught techniques far beyond the scope of graduate school. We treated many different athletes, orthopedic and complex cases of various levels implementing barbells, kettlebells, and mobility into their treatment plans. In addition, Trey and Dr. Ron Miller showed me incredible manual therapy skills and electrical dry needling protocols that I had never seen at a clinic. After witnessing it first-hand Trey, Ron and the entire staff are absolute miracle workers at what they do.

Congratulations on making it to your last clinical rotation. You have made it through years of hard work and deserve a clinical experience that will showcase your skill and unlock your potential. Pursuit Physical Therapy believes in, “Faith first, Family, then Work,” and when you are part of their team, they will treat you like family.“

If This Is You:

  • Wants to have a great clinical with only One-on-One patient care
  • Wants an advanced orthopedic and manual therapy clinical experience
  • Have actual mentorship (not free labor) and learn advanced  clinical decision making skills
  • See advanced treatment techniques with complex cases
  • Learn advanced manual therapy and dry needling techniques
  • Doesn’t want to be exploited as free labor
  • Strives to be a great PT and doesn’t want a cookie-cutter treatment approach
  • Choose the harder right, over the easier wrong
  • Values integrity and does not cut corners

And This Is Us:

  • Faith first, Family, then Work
  • 100% cash based practice
  • We work hard and play hard
  • Company values are based on Christian principles
  • Strive for clinical excellence and high quality
  • Setting a new standard for physical therapy
  • Patient centered system and we do what is best for the patient
  • See a good mix of athletes, orthopedic, and complex cases
  • Building a team of innovative thinkers
  • Results oriented and outcome based

Then…We Would Love You To Have You For Your Final Clinical!

“If you are looking for a clinical site that will challenge your clinical reasoning and patient care, please reach out to Ron. I cannot recommend Pursuit enough!”


Jessica L .

Belmont University

“When looking for clinical rotation sites, I was looking for a unique clinic where I knew I would be challenged and further my clinical reasoning skills and advance my manual therapy skillset. I stumbled upon Pursuit via Instagram and immediately admired the way Ron brands his business. Upon further research, I discovered that Pursuit is a cash-based business which furthered my intrigue about the ins and outs of PT in this type of setting. In addition, I admired that Ron sees patients one-on-one, which I feel demonstrates his care for each patient as a whole. One of my main goals during my clinical education was to improve my manual skills and I felt that I could learn so much from Ron and his team of clinicians, as it was evident that his team values manual therapy and additional training past the entry-level skills.

About a year and a half later, I began my rotation at Pursuit. My time at Pursuit far surpassed my expectations. My clinical reasoning was challenged by the complex case load Ron sees and I felt that I have grown so much and learned to evaluate patients on a level that would not have been possible without learning from Ron. Additionally Ron and his team gave me valuable experience practicing advanced manual therapy skills which I will certainly use as I transition into being a clinician. Further more, Ron has build Pursuit on strong Christian principles which are evident in the way he treats his patients and his staff with a service-filled heart and core Christian values that are integral for providing high-quality, patient-centered care, perhaps the most important reason I was drawn to Pursuit.

If you are looking for a clinical site that will challenge your clinical reasoning and patient care, please reach out to Ron. I cannot recommend Pursuit enough to patients and students.“

“This is, hands down, the best clinical you will have!”


Skylar M .

Texas Tech University

“This is hands down the best clinical you will have!  I learned so much at Pursuit and it helped me define how I wanted to practice after graduation.  Ron taught me to do what is best for the patient at all costs!

After I graduated and moved on to my first job…I would get in trouble with my PT managers because I continued to do what is best for the patient and getting them better too fast!  Thanks Ron and I highly recommend Pursuit for your clinical“

If You Want To Apply For The Pursuit Clinical…Follow These Steps:

Step 1:  Email your current resume to CS@pursuittherapy.com and let us know what dates you are interested in having your final clinical rotation with us.

Step 2:  Text us a short video to 407-494-8835 and let us know why you want your final clinical with us.

We will get back to you ASAP to schedule your interview.  We only accept final year students for there last clinical rotation and we accept only 2-3 students per year.  Thanks!

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