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Learn how to take better care of your body to prevent further injuries and better understand how your body works.

Total Body Stretching | Dr. Ron Miller’s Favorite Stretches

Neck Retraction With Extension   Pec Stretching   Thoracic Rotations   Prone Press Ups   Hip Flexor Stretching Calf...

2 Quick Tips To Help With Shoulder Pain With Bench Press

What Causes Shoulder Pain During Bench Press Every new lifter dreams of having a massive bench press. Being able to load up the bar with plates and rep it out is every newbies goal. The bench press is a great exercise for developing chest,...

Update: Current Information About COVID-19 / Coronavirus

We Are Working Hard To Gather The Most Up-To-Date Information And Guidelines For You Current Florida Update and The Curve Lets see if our strategies have decreased or flattened the curve in Florida as the virus is spreading.  Florida has 22 Million people so lets...