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This Is The Most Important Thing!

If you miss this…you will get a poor outcome. This is probably the most important thing regarding treating your sciatica.
For example: if you truly have piriformis syndrome in your glute area…and I treat your low back because most cases of sciatica are from an herniated disc in the low back and most clinicians do a cookie-cutter standardized treatment approach, that miss the root cause and treatment doesn’t work!
So this is why it is essential to treat the root cause of your sciatica pain and symptoms.

Here is a case study to highlight solving the root cause of sciatica

Julie came in with sciatica for over 1 year and 3 physicians all wanted to do surgery!
She came in with chronic sciatica with pain shooting down her leg. She consulted with 3 different physicians and had multiple x-rays and MRIs and they all wanted to do surgery to fix her sciatica. They all said she has a huge herniated disc in her low back and the only way to get surgery is to get surgery.
But when she presented to the evaluation, her clinical symptoms didn’t present like a herniated disc! She actually had a neural tension case! She initially had a herniated disc that caused her sciatica but it healed with time and it caused her sciatica nerve to get tight causing her sciatica symptoms. So we solved the root cause!
She was lacking full hip extension and was scared to bend forward due to everyone telling her sciatica was from a herniated disc. So now we have her underlying risk factors solved!
We customized a plan for her and she did a 6 week treatment plan with us starting out at 2x a week. By 3 weeks she was pain free and the neural tension was gone. by 4 weeks she had good strength and full hip extension that she was ready to start her return to run program. (One of her goals was to return to running)
Over the next 2 weeks we progressed to running and strengthening specific running exercises. She reported no flare ups of sciatica and no symptoms after 6 weeks
Outcome: Pain free with no sciatica after 6 weeks of treatment, back to her running program and without needing surgery!