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Solve the root cause of your pain and get back to what you love.

“My experience has been incredible and worth every cent – they are incredible professionals, their skill-levels are UNMATCHED and they change lives every day! Believe it. Go there. Get your life back too!”

Amy B Photo Testimonial
Amy B.
“Dr. Michael Fabrick brought me back from facing serious spinal fusion surgery and got my pain level down from a 9 to a 0 in less than 6 weeks. I had debilitating sciatic nerve pain caused by a spinal fracture and protruding discs between L3-L4 and L4-L5. I am a tennis player and could not enjoy the activity I love the most, nor could I even stand or walk for more than 2 minutes at a time. I had undergone months of pain mgt. and “one size fits all” physical therapy at a well-known hospital system in Orlando to no avail, and was advised I needed spinal fusion back surgery… Now I have my life back!!! I am lifting weights and ready to start tennis again. Words do no justice in describing what Dr. Fabrick and Pursuit Therapy have done for my mind, body and spirit. Not only am I pain free now, but I have a maintenance plan for the future so I can avoid ever being back in the same predicament again. My experience has been incredible and worth every cent. I assure you that the testimonials on this website are all true – they are incredible professionals, their skill-levels are UNMATCHED and they change lives every day! Believe it. Go there. Get your life back too!“

“What makes this practice so unbelievably different is high quality and one-on-one treatment time!”

Amy B Photo Testimonial
Julie C .
“…Ron’s office was totally different. He did a thorough evaluation of my pain and what might be the cause of the problem. What makes his practice so unbelievably different is the one-on-one treatment time. Ron literally is working with you for an hour and only you! At the previous group I went to, the therapist saw 3-4 people at a time. With Ron, I was the only patient and his focus was 100% on getting me back on my feet (pun intended!)…In one month I went from a feeling of despair (due to poor treatment practices of previous therapist) to knowing that I would become pain free… In addition to the quality and expert care I received, Ron is a very positive, encouraging, and (sometimes) funny guy! Haha! 5 stars all the way!“

We believe that the patient should be placed first and nothing should dictate the quality of your health care,  except what is best for you.


Even If You Failed Other Treatments…We Can Help!

Larry had been stuck on the couch for 2 years, failed every treatment option, and was scheduled for surgery before he came to see us. Now, he’s back on his bike, free of pain, and doing what he loves.

Solve The Root Cause Of Your Pain…Without Needing Medications, Injections, or Surgery!

David M.
My Golfing days were over.
After one visit.

Get The Best, High-Quality Treatment…You Deserve!

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Don’t become another cog in the “healthcare system” and settle for standard care. You deserve the best!

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You’ll never be treated by assistants or techs at Pursuit. Our team is made up of only expert therapists who will treat you every time.

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One-on-one, customized treatment is the only way we treat our patients; you will get the best care possible, every time.

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How Are We Different?

Standard Healthcare

Limited by insurance company No limitation to get what is best for you
Insurance-oriented model to take longer to get results Results-Oriented model to get faster results
Chases symptoms for temporary relief Solve root cause and address underlying impairments for long term relief
Double or triple booked with other patients Exclusive one-on-one patient care
Long waiting periods No waiting periods
Passed on to assistants and techs See your specialist…every time!
Hard to communicate and get in touch with Easy communication with the specialist with 24/7 messaging access
Cookie-cutter general treatment approach High-quality customized treatment approach
If it doesn’t work your still stuck with the Inflated expensive bill Money back guarantee (no one in healthcare offers this!)
No customer experience Exceed patient expectations with a personalized meaningful experience
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We Are The #1 Rated Clinic Online In Orlando!

We are truly thankful for our patient’s willingness to share their success stories and their experiences while at Pursuit.  Thank you for your support and we will continue to strive to do what is best for the patient and exceed your expectations! Pursuit Physical Therapy serves all of Central Florida including Orlando, Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, and Downtown Orlando.


Ron Miller


Doctor of Physical Therapy | Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist | Post-Doctoral Orthopaedic Residency Trained | Certified in Dry Needling | Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Dr. Ron Miller is the owner and founder of Pursuit Physical Therapy. His core belief is that it is not about the physician, the physical therapist, or the insurance company: it is about what is truly best for the patient. Dr. Miller started...

Carey Rothschild


Doctor of Physical Therapy and Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida | Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
| Board Certified Sport Clinical Specialist

Dr. Carey Rothschild is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Central Florida.  Dr. Rothschild earned a Bachelor of Health Science in Physical Therapy in 1999 from the University of Florida and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University in 2005...

Carey Rothschild
Michael Fabrick


Doctor of Physical Therapy | Certified in Dry Needling | Pursuit Sports Performance Specialist | Professional Tennis Tour Physical Therapist

Dr. Michael Fabrick was born and raised in Hanover, Pennsylvania and attended Slippery Rock University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He then went on to receive his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in May of 2020. During his final tenure as a Doctoral intern, he trained underneath Todd Ellenbecker, who is one of the world’s leading experts on shoulder rehabilitation and is the Vice President of Medical Services for the ATP World Tour...


Physical Therapist | Dry Needling Certified | Mastery Certified In Manual Therapy | Pelvic Floor And Post Partum Specialist

Maryann was originally born in Connecticut but moved to Florida with her family at the age of 9 and she grew up in Jupiter, Florida. She then went to college at the University of Central Florida...

Don’t Take Our Word For It…See What Others Are Saying About Their Results And Experience

Dr. Fabrick was excellent.
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Experience Images

“I thank God every single day. Ron has changed my life. Literally. I’m totally off all of the Gabapentin…I can’t believe how great it feels to be normal again without headaches”

Sallie E. Testimonial Photo
Sallie E .
“I’ve suffered with severe headaches/migraines for over 10 years. I’ve been to 3 different chiropractors and 2 neurologists and an oral surgeon. I’ve been to the ER and had multiple MRIs and CTs. I’ve tried several different diets and supplements. Not to mention all of the different drugs the Drs have tried on me. Some of them with terrible side effects. I’ve been through PT and massage therapy. I’ve even tried spinal decompression and acupuncture. I felt like my life was essentially over. I couldn’t even go on vacation without losing whole days to the headaches and vomiting.  There was no rhyme or reason. No real triggers. I would get them at all times of the day and night. I was so depressed. Then I read a book about a new therapy called dry needling. I googled it and happened upon Pursuit Therapy with Dr. Ron. I thank God every single day. Ron has changed my life. Literally. I’m totally off all of the Gabapentin. And I went from taking 2-3 Imitrex a week to only 4 in TEN weeks. The clinic is very clean, and everyone is very professional. And it’s one on one treatment. No switching to different therapist or sharing a therapist with several different patients at the same time. It took about 4 weeks to start breaking the cycle. After that there was steady progress. I can’t believe how great it feels to be normal again. I’m telling you that your health is your life. You owe it to yourself to live life to the fullest and you can’t do that while in pain. Pursuit Therapy can help. I can’t recommend them enough. The difference in my life is incredible.“

“Michael quickly became the best PT I had ever worked with and he quickly became someone I would call a friend!”

Bill M. Testimonial Photo
Brody H.
“In April, I had ligament repairment surgery on my left ankle. In June, I headed down to Orlando for my summer internship. When I arrived in Orlando, I was still in a walking boot with no mobility in my ankle. My recruiter was the one who recommended Pursuit Therapy, and it was the best recommendation. I tore these ligaments for the first time in my senior year of High School, and when I attended physical therapy, I had a different therapist consistently. Each time, I would have to reexplain my injury and what progress I had already made. When working with Michael, it was the same PT every time. He understood my injury and tried to help me recover as quickly as possible. Michael would push me to take leaps in my progression, but he would also listen when I felt unprepared for something. Michael quickly became the best PT I had ever worked with and quickly became someone I would call a friend. Even though I hated getting dry-needled and scraped with a piece of metal, I looked forward to my sessions because I enjoyed my conversations with Michael and would wake up the next morning feeling physically healthier than the day before. I experienced progress extremely fast and wish I could still work with him now. What I would tell someone considering Pursuit Therapy would be working with Pursuit versus the clinic I am using at school is night and day. I am seeing less progress and significantly less personal care. While Michael is a fantastic PT, he is just as good of a human being. He will listen to your needs and concerns both physically and mentally. You won’t find better care anywhere else.“

“I started with chronic pain of a level 8 with 3 pain medications and now I am down to a 0-2 at most without medications!”

Evelyn O. Testimonial Photo
Evelyn O .
“I have been battling chronic neck pain due to herniated discs after a car accident from 9 years ago. After years of seeking relief through physical therapy, 2 neck surgeries, and conventional treatment with prescription medications with no results, I complained to my son how frustrated I was and how the relief I get was minimal if at all sometimes. My son who is also a physical therapist recommended that I consult with Ron Miller, DPT, OCS since he had done an internship with him. Reluctantly I went with the hopes that this time would be different. I was not disappointed! The very first visit I was evaluated and afterwards my first treatment I experienced significant relief; something that I have never experienced before. Dr. Miller recommend an extended program since my chronic pain was severe due to years of enduring non-stop pain. He took the time to evaluate my case and follow up to see if there was improvement in my condition. He never gave up and tried different approaches if there was no relief. After 3 weeks of treatment I was able to relinquish 3 types of medications that only gave me minimal relief and kept me sleepy. I am virtually pain free without taking medications. I feel alert and am able to do mostly anything without experiencing severe pain. I was a none believer after so many physical therapists and doctors had failed to find the cause of my pain and had me doing the wrong exercises for my pain. I highly recommend Ron! He will thoroughly evaluate you and follow up to make sure you are feeling relief. If you are suffering with chronic pain, he will definitely work with you, listen to your concerns, and then follow up with you to make sure of your progress. I started with a pain of a level 8 with pain medications and now I am down to a 0-2 at most without medications. Ron has also given me the exercises to do to continue to maintain my results. Best decision I ever made! Thanks Ron! I have normal life again!“

“What is different about Pursuit is that you have the Physical Therapist’s undivided attention during treatment. You have one-on-one time with the Doctor every session!”

Ania N. Testimonial Photo
Ania N.
“I first came to Pursuit Physical Therapy because I was having shoulder pain and, more recently, neck pain and stiffness. These got bad enough that they were interfering with my normal activities and I was starting to lose strength in my arm due to the shoulder. From my first call to Pursuit Physical Therapy, I knew this was the right place for me. They took the time to explain exactly what I could expect at my first visit: a detailed evaluation of my pain, range of motion, strength, etc. to determine the root cause of my issues and a plan for recovery and improvement. Dr. Fabrick made sure I understood the causes of my discomfort and what we were doing to correct these. He outlined plan and the expected time frame. What is different about Pursuit is that you have the Physical Therapist’s undivided attention during treatment. You have one-on-one time with the Doctor. Dr. Fabrick reviewed my “home work” exercises with me and ensured that I was doing them correctly. This was a big reason why I was able to regain the strength in my arm and am pain free in both my neck and my shoulder in just 12 weeks! I have a very active lifestyle and I’ve been able to resume all of my activities.  I would encourage anyone who is in pain to stop “adapting” to it and start treatment at Pursuit Physical Therapy instead!”

“I no longer suffer from those debilitating headaches and I feel better than I have in years!”

Kacie R. Testimonial Photo
Kacie R .
Lawyer – Orlando, FL
“Prior to scheduling an appointment at Pursuit Physical Therapy I was having terrible, incapacitating headaches that could not be relieved. My headaches had been misdiagnosed as migraines and despite being prescribed a migraine medication, my headaches persisted and were only temporarily relieved by the medication. Seeing no relief from the medication and suspecting that these in fact were not migraines at all, I decided to schedule an appointment at Pursuit to see if there was anything they could do to help with my headaches. From day one Dr. Ron was so kind and caring and truly wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing my headaches. Dr. Ron quickly and properly diagnosed my headaches as stemming from an issue in my neck and upper traps and was able to completely resolve my headaches. I no longer suffer from those debilitating headaches and I feel better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Ron for all your amazing work!“

Michael’s care was way better than any other PT I’ve worked with…and this allowed me to compete at my highest level!

CiCi Bellis Testimonial Photo
CiCi Bellis
WTA Professional Tennis Player
“Michael is incredible to work with. He is extremely dedicated and hard working and that’s why I chose to work with him. He rehabbed my wrist and elbow for the last year and a half and I am very happy with the results. Each day we had a plan and a goal that we achieved. His care was way better than any other PT I’ve worked with. I saw results very quickly and got better each week. This allowed me to compete at my highest level. He is very professional and will fix anything that is hurting. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing an injury”

“After 15 years…All I can say is the pain is TOTALLY gone…and I feel great!”

Pam S. Testimonial Photo
Pam S.
“I can’t recommend Ron highly enough. He is professional, thorough, intuitive and very personable. I saw him initially for “frozen shoulder” that I developed from a slip and fall on a hard floor. He very patiently worked me through the process and I received a full healing of that painful mess. I have NO residual limitations while is great as I am a yoga instructor and was concerned about that. Additionally, while seeing Ron, we also diligently worked on severe lower back pain that I had been suffering with for over 15 years. All I can say is the pain is TOTALLY gone.. I feel great and am able to be fully engaged in every aspect of my life now, PAIN FREE. I am thankful that I chose to work with Ron. He is a true blessing!!“

“Don’t wait another minute, the friendly and expert therapists at Pursuit can help you get back to pain free movement fast!”

Maria S. Testimonial Photo
Maria S.
“I came to Pursuit Physical Therapy to address pain and disfunction in my hip which had been nagging me for 18 months. I arrived at the office walking like a peg-leg pirate. After just two sessions, the physio had broken the pain cycle and I was able to get back into movements to begin healing & strengthening my hip. The treatment approach was research-backed and highly specific to my needs. The two therapists I worked with were skilled and empathetic. They were able to explain both how the treatment works and why it would work for me. These days I don’t walk like a pirate anymore and I’m looking forward to a big mountain hiking trip this summer with my family. Don’t wait another minute, the friendly and expert therapists at Pursuit can help you get back to pain free movement fast!“

“I honestly owe it to Ron for giving me my life back…and he made me feel like I was the only person in the world that he was focused on”

Shawn F. Testimonial Photo
Shawn F.
“I decided to see Ron at Pursuit Physical Therapy due to symptoms I had been experiencing from a neck injury I incurred six years previously.  The symptoms continued to get worse over that six-year span to the point where it was impossible to enjoy a normal life.   After countless hours and appointments spent with physicians all over the state each with their own opinions about what was going on with me, and all of them failing to help or even be able to create a rational results-based plan, I had virtually given up, and accepted that fact that I would be dealing with these symptoms for the rest of my life.

My wife spent a lot of time on the internet trying to find a results based physical therapist in the central Florida area.  At the time I was at the point where I felt like this was pointless exercise and never thought I’d be able to live a normal life again.  When she came across Ron’s website and showed me some of his videos I actually perked up and something said to me “this guy is going to help me”.  His videos explained exactly what pain and symptoms I was experiencing, the cause of those symptoms, and what programs he put in place for his patients to address and fix the root causes of the symptoms.  Most of the physicians I had seen previously wanted to put me on medications.  New meds, old meds, and some even prescribed me experimental medications to try and get rid of my debilitating migraines etc.  When I spoke to them about my situation, I could tell none of them really seemed to be listening but rather just wanted to put me on something and see their next patient.

That was how Ron was so different.  During my initial evaluation Ron made me feel like I was the only person in the world that he was focused on, and really dug into the root causes of my symptoms.  He showed a side of himself that I’ve only grown to know more, he truly cares about getting his patients pain free.  He asked in depth questions, brought out medical books that showed exactly what was going on, and he explained to me that it was going to be a long road, but he knew he could reduce my pain.  He told me how he was going to go about this, and for the first time, I knew I was seeing someone who had a plan that made sense.  This was truly one of the happiest moments in my life.

Within eight sessions I felt like a completely different person and was even able to go on a vacation with my wife and her friends and enjoy my time.  After being with Ron for around a year now, I would say that I am back to 90-95% of myself, and that almost all my symptoms have dissipated through stretching, strengthening, getting back to exercising on my own, and the dry needling has helped exponentially as well for my headaches and migraines.  Obviously, most of Ron’s patients won’t need to see him as long as I have, but before I went to Ron, I would experience debilitating head flairs and migraines lasting for days as a result from  trying to perform simple tasks such as speaking, opening any type of door, picking up any item with any sort of weight to it, watching or working on any type of screen, driving, standing from a seated position, walking, walking up and downstairs, and I also had a terrible case of vertigo that I had been dealing with for 3 years.  Now my vertigo is gone, I’m driving on my own, I don’t even think about picking up items with any heft or weight to them, I don’t think about opening and closing doors, and I’m even back to running between 20-25 miles a week, and exercising at home.  If anyone in my life, whether they be friends, family, or even casual acquaintances needed any type of physical therapy whether it be minor or major I wouldn’t let them go anywhere besides Pursuit Physical Therapy.

I honestly owe it to Ron for giving me my life back, and he happens on top of everything to be one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met in my entire life.  I consider him a true friend.“

“Pursuit is the gold standard in physical therapy. From the moment I walked in for my first post-surgery PT appointment at Pursuit Physical Therapy, I knew I had made the right decision. “

Michael S. Testimonial Photo
Michael S.
“Pursuit is the gold standard in physical therapy. From the moment I walked in for my first post-surgery PT appointment at Pursuit Physical Therapy, I knew I had made the right decision. Ron, unlike other physical therapy “factories” that I have seen before, chooses to work with one patient at a time. In my case, Ron’s sole focus on my appointments was my recovery– not answering emails, texts, managing the office, or juggling several patients at once. My appointments were tailormade to my recovery and every part of my “home-program” was designed specifically for my case. This was not a simple plug-and-print program for my shoulder which I appreciated because not all shoulders are created equally and not all recovery trajectories look the same. Moreover, Ron was available after hours via phone and email if I ran into any issues with homework or plateaued in my progress and needed modifications. He also kept a dialogue going with my surgeon to make sure that everyone was on the same page The whole office at Pursuit Physical Therapy puts the patient’s wellness and recovery above all else. The other doctors, Trey and Mike, also deliver integrity, expertise, and energy to see you through to your recovery. My shoulder is back to normal. God willing it will be a long time before I’m in need of PT, but if I do, I know where to go.“

“There is no better investment to make than in your health!”

Harry W. Testimonial Photo
Harry W.
“I found Michael at a rough time post injury. He was extremely patient, kind, and understanding during our initial consultation. From there, he made it clear how he was going to help me, and how he was going to measure my progress from week to week. He listened to my concerns, no matter how small. I truly can’t thank Michael enough for his persistence and personalized approach. I believe that your health is the most important thing you have, so there is no better investment to make than in your health. Michael and the entire Pursuit team were instrumental in getting me back to normal and helping me live pain free. Truly a great business and a great doctor!“

“I sleep better, play with my kids freely, and will forever be thankful for my exprience at Pursuit PT!”

Raul M. Testimonial Photo
Andrew H.
“​I had chronic pain from my neck running to my thigh for four years and the ortho didn’t help and massage only gave temporary relief. I saw Jessica and she quickly diagnosed the problem and gave me the stretches and exercises to provide permanent relief! After a few weeks I was healed and given a full plan to stay healthy. I sleep better, play with my kids freely, and will forever be thankful for my experience at Pursuit PT!”


Read more patient success stories to see how others have got pain free and back to their active lifestyles…even if they failed other treatments Read More Testimonials Book Your Evaluation


Read more patient success stories to see how others have got pain free and back to their active lifestyles…even if they have failed other treatments Read More Testimonials Click Here To Get Started

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