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We solve the root cause of your pain…so you can get pain free and get back to what you love.

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We want to assure you that we are taking this COVID-19 virus seriously here at Pursuit.  We are currently taking all necessary measures, following the CDC guidelines, and providing masks all patients to make sure you are safe from the virus.

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We believe nothing should dictate the quality of your health care,
 except what is best for you.

Our board-certified doctors of physical therapy provide individualized one-on-one patient care and help you get out of pain and back to your favorite activities you love.​


If You Feel Like Your Day Is Being Controlled By Pain…We Can Help!

Larry had been stuck on the couch for 2 years, failed every treatment option, and was scheduled for surgery before he came to see us. Now, he’s back on his bike, free of pain, and doing what he loves.

Just Imagine…Feeling Great Next Month And Getting Back To Your Favorite Activities Again Without Pain!

(…And Never Settle For A “New Normal” Of Just Living In Pain)

Get Results And The High-Quality Patient Care…That You Deserve!

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Don’t become another cog in the “healthcare system” and settle for standard care. You deserve the best!

Only Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialists

You’ll never be treated by assistants or techs at Pursuit. Our team is made up of only expert therapists who will treat you every time.

Voted Top 20 Best PT in Orlando

One-on-one, customized treatment is the only way we treat our patients; you will get the best care possible, every time.

#1 Google Rated PT Clinic in Orlando

We have over 200 – Five Star reviews online!

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If you want the best treatment by the best experts, this is for you!

Advanced Training

We have advanced training in manual therapy and dry needling through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy

We Are The #1 Rated Clinic In The Orlando-Winter Park-Maitland Area!

Pursuit Physical Therapy is the #1 online rated practice in Orlando with over 200+ five star reviews and patient testimonials. We are truly thankful for our patient’s willingness to share their success stories and their experience while at Pursuit.  Thank you for your support and we will continue to do what is best for the patient and exceed your expectations! Pursuit Physical Therapy serves all of Central Florida including Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, and Lake Mary.



Doctor of Physical Therapy | Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist | Post-Doctoral Orthopaedic Residency Trained | Certified in Dry Needling 

Dr. Ron Miller is the owner and founder of Pursuit Physical Therapy. His core belief is that it is not about the physician, the physical therapist, or the insurance company: it is about what is truly best for the patient. Dr. Miller started...


Doctor of Physical Therapy and Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida | Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
| Board Certified Sport Clinical Specialist

Dr. Carey Rothschild is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Central Florida.  Dr. Rothschild earned a Bachelor of Health Science in Physical Therapy in 1999 from the University of Florida and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University in 2005...


Doctor of Physical Therapy | Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist | Post-Doctoral Orthopaedic Residency Trained

Dr. Monica Isola was born and raised in Orlando and received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Education from the University of Florida. She continued her graduate studies at the UF, receiving her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2015. While completing her doctorate at UF she participated in research regarding the management of low back pain with a treatment-based classification system. Dr. Isola then returned to Orlando to complete a Post-Doctoral Residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy…


Doctor Of Physical Therapy | Certified in Dry Needling | Pursuit Sport Performance Specialist

Dr. Trey Martin received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from East Tennessee State University in 2019. Before this, Trey played college baseball at Trevecca University before eventually graduating from Tennessee Tech in 2016. Trey grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee. He has worked with professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, Running, Tri-athlete, and CrossFit worlds, as well as college and high school athletes from all sports...


Doctor of Physical Therapy | Professional Tennis Tour Physical Therapist

Dr. Michael Fabrick was born and raised in Hanover, Pennsylvania and attended Slippery Rock University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He then went on to receive his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in May of 2020. During his final tenure as a Doctoral intern, he trained underneath Todd Ellenbecker, who is one of the world’s leading experts on shoulder rehabilitation and is the Vice President of Medical Services for the ATP World Tour. Upon graduating from school, Dr. Fabrick immediately began working and travelling on the professional tennis tour as a Private Physical Therapist to top American, CiCi Bellis. Here he was tasked with...

Don’t Take Our Word For It…See What Others Are Saying About Their Results And Experience

“I started with chronic pain of a level 8 with 3 pain medications and now I am down to a 0-2 at most without medications!”

Debi W

Evelyn O .

“I have been battling chronic neck pain due to herniated discs after a car accident from 9 years ago. After years of seeking relief through physical therapy, 2 neck surgeries, and conventional treatment with prescription medications with no results, I complained to my son how frustrated I was and how the relief I get was minimal if at all sometimes. My son who is also a physical therapist recommended that I consult with Ron Miller, DPT, OCS since he had done an internship with him. Reluctantly I went with the hopes that this time would be different. I was not disappointed! The very first visit I was evaluated and afterwards my first treatment I experienced significant relief; something that I have never experienced before.

Dr. Miller recommend an extended program since my chronic pain was severe due to years of enduring non-stop pain. He took the time to evaluate my case and follow up to see if there was improvement in my condition. He never gave up and tried different approaches if there was no relief. After 3 weeks of treatment I was able to relinquish 3 types of medications that only gave me minimal relief and kept me sleepy. I am virtually pain free without taking medications. I feel alert and am able to do mostly anything without experiencing severe pain. I was a none believer after so many physical therapists and doctors had failed to find the cause of my pain and had me doing the wrong exercises for my pain. I highly recommend Ron! He will thoroughly evaluate you and follow up to make sure you are feeling relief. If you are suffering with chronic pain, he will definitely work with you, listen to your concerns, and then follow up with you to make sure of your progress. I started with a pain of a level 8 with pain medications and now I am down to a 0-2 at most without medications. Ron has also given me the exercises to do to continue to maintain my results. Best decision I ever made! Thanks Ron! I have normal life again!“

“I was especially impressed with the 1-on-1 care!”

Debi W

Luke A.

“I originally sought out a Physical Therapist to help me with symptoms resembling an L4/L5 herniation and I found Trey via some research online. I started with fairly severe symptoms down my leg and wanted guidance and improvement so that I could resume going back to the gym 4/5 times a week. After an MRI revealed that it wasn’t due to a herniated disc – Trey still managed to set me up with a program that relieved the pain and was genuinely interested in my progress. Although from time to time I experience flare ups Trey gave me the tools I need to manage and suppress the issues I experience. I definitely recommend Pursuit to anyone concerned about their injury. I was especially impressed with the 1-on-1 appointments with Trey and his attentiveness even after hours when I texted with a concern regarding my injury. Happy to say I’m back in the gym moving towards full recovery!

“I no longer suffer from those debilitating headaches and I feel better than I have in years!”

Debi W

Kacie R .

Lawyer – Orlando, FL

“Prior to scheduling an appointment at Pursuit Physical Therapy I was having terrible, incapacitating headaches that could not be relieved. My headaches had been misdiagnosed as migraines and despite being prescribed a migraine medication, my headaches persisted and were only temporarily relieved by the medication. Seeing no relief from the medication and suspecting that these in fact were not migraines at all, I decided to schedule an appointment at Pursuit to see if there was anything they could do to help with my headaches. From day one Dr. Ron was so kind and caring and truly wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing my headaches. Dr. Ron quickly and properly diagnosed my headaches as stemming from an issue in my neck and upper traps and was able to completely resolve my headaches. I no longer suffer from those debilitating headaches and I feel better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Ron for all your amazing work!“

Michael’s care was way better than any other PT I’ve worked with…and this allowed me to compete at my highest level!


CiCi Bellis

WTA Professional Tennis Player

“Michael is incredible to work with. He is extremely dedicated and hard working and that’s why I chose to work with him. He rehabbed my wrist and elbow for the last year and a half and I am very happy with the results. Each day we had a plan and a goal that we achieved. His care was way better than any other PT I’ve worked with. I saw results very quickly and got better each week. This allowed me to compete at my highest level. He is very professional and will fix anything that is hurting. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing an injury”

“After 15 years…All I can say is the pain is TOTALLY gone…and I feel great!”

pam s

Pam S.

“I can’t recommend Ron highly enough. He is professional, thorough, intuitive and very personable. I saw him initially for “frozen shoulder” that I developed from a slip and fall on a hard floor. He very patiently worked me through the process and I received a full healing of that painful mess. I have NO residual limitations while is great as I am a yoga instructor and was concerned about that.

Additionally, while seeing Ron, we also diligently worked on severe lower back pain that I had been suffering with for over 15 years. All I can say is the pain is TOTALLY gone.. I feel great and am able to be fully engaged in every aspect of my life now, PAIN FREE. I am thankful that I chose to work with Ron. He is a true blessing!!“

“I now wake up with no pain in my leg!…which hasn’t happened since last November”

peter moley

Ben K.

“I moved to Florida from Baltimore in May and was still in pain from last November. I had seen other Physical Therapists in Maryland and they all basically did the same thing. Cracked and popped and gave me “homework”. They didn’t listen to what I was actually saying. I did some research and found Pursuit PT. I am always a skeptic and figured all of the reviews couldn’t be true but I was still experiencing pain and needed help. I was introduced to Trey Martin, who would turn out to be my Dr. He did something that no one else would do, listen to what was actually going on and then put a plan in place that would slowly but surely lessen my pain until I didn’t feel it anymore. Of course the work was hard and there were weeks where I felt I was going backwards, but that was just my body trying to fight the natural instinct of just being in pain. Trey was there every step of the way and made it seem like my success was his success. This is something that is so valued because you feel as though you are not just another patient. Your feelings (pain and otherwise) are taken into account and that matters. I now (after 8 weeks of rugged PT and doing the work at home) wake up with no pain in my leg, which hasn’t happened since last November. If you are looking for a place that wants you to feel better because they want to help and actually listen to you, then you need to go to Pursuit Physical Therapy. If you are looking for cookie cutter and to be treated like, “just another patient”, then don’t go here lol. Trey and everyone there are awesome and I wouldn’t be pain free without them!!!“


Read more patient success stories to see how others have got pain free and back to their active lifestyles…even if they failed other treatments

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Read more patient success stories to see how others have got pain free and back to their active lifestyles…even if they have failed other treatments

Read More Testimonials

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