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What do you expect when seeking healthcare for an injury or pain you are experiencing?  Pursuit Physical Therapy is a new brand of treatment that focuses on what is truly best for the patient.  Don’t settle for the standard bad healthcare and average outcomes.  Get the personalized high quality treatment you deserve in fewer visits!   Here we offer a money back guarantee with our treatment packages!  Yes, that is right! A money back guarantee!   If we do not make a change in your pain or symptoms after 2-4 treatment sessions, we will give you your money back and refer you to the appropriate specialist.  This is just one of the many factors that makes our experience the gold standard that no one else offers.  So get out of pain today and start your path to recovery!  Call now!

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From Sport Injury to Spine Pain

Dr. Ron Miller with Mike
In my opinion he is the best physical therapist in town and I recommend him to anyone who wants to be pain free fast!
Mike A.

Cathy Yi with Kathy
Cathy is the best physical therapist I have ever had!

Kathy C.

Dr. Ron Miller with Michelle
One visit from Dr. Ron and all three of those pains were virtually nonexistent. Three to four visits and they were gone!
Michelle O.

“After the first visit, I could stand up straight without feeling my hip catch. After 4 visits, I was feeling better than I have in years!!”
Keri J.

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What is Pursuit Physical Therapy?

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Pursuit is revolutionizing outpatient health care in the Orlando area! We cater specifically to our patient’s needs and what treatment will lead to the best outcome in the fewest visits. Imagine if you could schedule your evaluation within one week, with no waiting periods, if you don’t need to worry about the quality of care, you can see the specialist every time, no assistants, and its cheaper than standard care. Here you will get the opportunity receive the best high quality One-on-One care each session only by a board certified specialist. Next time you find yourself waiting hours to see the physician for a 3 minute visit, getting double and triple booked with other patients, sitting in an urgent care clinic worrying about exposure to other sick people and the bill you are going to pay there when it is not a true emergency, remember – there is a better way! Pursuit Physical Therapy offers prompt appointments, with no waiting periods, one-on-one patient care, only by board certified orthopaedic specialist. At Pursuit, we believe everyone should receive the highest quality healthcare, with proven cost effective treatments that show better outcomes in fewer patient visits. Stop settling for standard care and paying outrageous costs of inflated health care bills. If you are dealing with an injury or are in pain, call now and schedule your evaluation today!


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I am writing this testimonial following the treatment of my son by Dr. Ron Miller, of Pursuit Physical Therapy.  My son is a competitive tournament tennis player who suffered from a debilitating back injury as a result of his tennis.  After treatment by an orthopedic surgeon and various physical therapists, which included a long course of anti-inflammatory meds, my son was feeling no better. Worse yet, we never really had a diagnosis and were unable to pinpoint any maneuver that could decrease his pain. Finally we were referred to Ron Miller by a former patient.

Dr. Miller’s evaluation was far more thorough than anything we had experienced prior to seeing him.  He immediately ruled out several serious conditions that could have been the cause of my son’s pain. He then was able to isolate which maneuvers exacerbated and more importantly relieved the pain. Once this was done, treatment began. In addition to his superior expertise, what differentiates Dr. Miller from his peers is his attention to detail and his focus on the individual patient. Over the years I have been to many physical therapists, and what I have seen is that most treat multiple patients at one time, with what often seems like a “cookie cutter” approach; a few exercises, heat and or ice, TENS, ultrasound, perhaps some traction and then goodbye. This is not the case with Dr. Miller, who spends the entire hour long session with only one patient, enabling him to individualize his treatment plan based on his diagnosis.

In addition it is clear that his advanced level of education and his degree in physical therapy (he has a DPT) places him above his colleagues, both as a diagnostician and a clinician. Finally, when we were discharged from his care, Dr. Miller’s interest in my son did not end. Instead he maintained close contact with my son’s fitness trainer, not only following up by telephone but also attending one of the fitness sessions to make sure the right exercises were being done for my son’s condition. Overall it is my opinion that Dr. Miller takes the field of physical therapy to the highest possible level, and my only regret is I didn’t find him sooner. I give Dr. Miller my highest level of recommendation.

– Andrew Levitan, MD

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