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Foot and ankle pain is a relatively common complaint that may be caused by a number of conditions and circumstances. In many cases, foot and ankle pain is the result of strain or overuse. However, foot and ankle pain can also be caused by underlying conditions affecting certain parts of the foot or leg. When this occurs, the underlying condition must be treated to restore proper alignment and functioning. Medical professionals such as physical therapists and orthopedic doctors will work to identify potential causes of foot pain to design and implement an appropriate foot pain treatment.

There are many different kinds of foot and ankle pain: Plantar Facsiitis Ankle Sprains Calf Strains Achilles Tendinitis Mid Foot Sprain

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Dr. Ron Miller with ReneI attended a seminar, led by Dr. Ron Miller from Pursuit Physical Therapy, about injury prevention and treatment. I was blown away by his passion for wanting to help others find relief from injury pain. He is knowledgeable and personable, which made it very comforting for me to finally make an appointment for my ankle pain. I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy because as the Fitness Director at the Roth JCC; I wanted to be seen and treated by a reputable doctor, not by an assistant, and recover in the shortest amount of time. After months of walking around with ankle pain, which led to no leg workouts, no running, and no stress relief; I finally got the care I have always wished was out there. Previously, I was seen for an injury where I was examined by a physical therapist for 10 minutes and then left with an assistant, while she worked with multiple patients at one time. It was uncomfortable and I did not look forward to going to my physical therapy appointments. Dr. Ron Miller examined my injury, treated my injury, and has kept in contact with me even after my treatment has ended. I felt comfortable at every visit knowing I was receiving quality care from a doctor who wants to see result from his patients. Dr. Ron Miller encouraged me to gradually get back to my workouts and since my recovery I am back to running, lunging, and doing daily activity without ankle pain. As long as I continue my at home treatment prescribed by Dr. Miller, my ankle is pain free. Thank you Dr. Ron Miller for helping me to find relief from my ankle pain!

Rene N.

Dr. Ron Miller with WayneI went to Dr. Ron as a result of having severe pain in both of my Achilles. My ortho told me that my choice was to have surgery or get a cortisone injection. I wasn’t crazy about either of those options. The surgery had a 50% chance of working, and the injections would only be temporary. I had been an avid boot camper with an active lifestyle. My injury was now preventing me from working out but more importantly it was keeping from enjoying time with my family. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Ron before I had to make the decision for surgery or injections. He said that most in these cases you can often get completely better with the right physical therapy. I initially thought he was full of it but I figured what do I have to lose. I thought there was no way he would be able to help me. I went in for an evaluation, and was completely surprised. He ran me through a series of movements, and mobility tests and came to the conclusion that he could help me. Still skeptical I said “Really?” He said yes “I can have you pain free in 3-4 visits.” He was able to do my first treatment that day, and within 2 days was noticeably better and by the fourth visit I was pain free. What was different about Pursuit Physical Therapy and Ron Miller was the attention to detail and the willingness to spend the time to actually treat me. There were not any distractions, they were not rushing people in and out, I actually was treated like a person rather than a number. Dr. Ron Miller actually invested himself in my care. I am now able to do all of the activities I was before. I no longer have to grimace every time I take a step out of bed in the morning, And most importantly I didn’t have to have surgery or injections to mask the problem. Thank you Dr. Ron Miller you ROCK!!

Wayne H.

Dr. Ron Miller with patientGreat physical therapist, I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my plantar fasciitis and gotten numerous injections, but Ron was the first doctor to actually look at my foot and asses the actual cause and show me how to fix it rather than just tell me to stop running and have it come back again!  I would definitely recommend him to anyone with any kind of sports injury!  He’s great, PLEASE go see him!!!! He will be worth your time.  Best doctor I’ve seen hands down!  My foot is so much better! I’m running virtually pain free for the first time in 6 months.


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