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Rotator cuff injuries can happen from wear and tear of repetitive movements or a sudden strain on your shoulder. That annoying ache you feel while performing tasks like lifting, reaching, or playing sports could be a rotator cuff injury. Luckily, many non-serious shoulder injuries can be resolved with physical therapy. According to the Journal of Orthopedic Science, up to 82% of shoulder injuries can be improved with various physical treatments.  As experts in the field, the team at Pursuit Physical Therapy sees daily the debilitating effects of rotator cuff injuries. Our advanced targeted care provides the welcome relief from shoulder pain. In this article, we’ll share the benefits of physical therapy for rotator cuff tear recovery. 

Torn Rotator Cuff: Can Physical Therapy Help? 

Surgery isn’t always the only option with a torn rotator cuff. A great many patients achieve full recovery without going under the knife. Physical therapy is a holistic rotator cuff rehab method that helps patients regain strength and mobility through personalized treatment plans and targeted exercise. 

How Do Rotator Cuff Injuries Occur? 

Some of the most common ways rotator cuff injuries happen are from sudden trauma while playing sports, excessive overhead movement, or lifting something heavy. People most at risk are athletes or people with physically demanding jobs. Seeking a professional evaluation early and management of symptoms can help prevent the need for surgery or long-term damage. 

The Best Benefits of Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy for shoulder pain has many advantages over surgery:

Shorter Rotator Cuff Injury Rehab Timeline – Physical therapy speeds recovery by helping you regain your strength by using specific exercises and progress tracking.   Lower Cost – When comparing the cost of surgery vs. physical therapy, surgery is the more expensive option.  Less Pain Medication – Physical therapy reduces the need for potentially addictive pain medications.  No Surgical Risks – As a non-invasive option, physical therapy holds no risk of complications or botched surgery. 

4 Key Elements of Torn Rotator Cuff Treatment 

Evaluation  Your physical therapist will meticulously assess your injury and create a personalized plan for achieving mobility restoration.  Rest and Ice  These steps reduce pain and bring relief immediately following the injury.  Anti-inflammatory Medicine  It helps keep swelling down, which in turn reduces discomfort.  Strengthening Exercises  Targeting supporting muscle groups helps fortify damaged muscles and improve stability. 


Early evaluation and management are critical to a fast and successful rotator cuff recovery. Incorporating rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medicine, and physical therapy into your treatment regimen reduces discomfort as you heal. 

Need Help with Your Shoulder Injury? We’ve Got the Solution! 

If you’re suffering from a debilitating shoulder injury, we know how it affects your daily life. Our mission is to get you back to full mobility and prevent long-term damage that can lead to chronic pain.  Pursuit Physical Therapy is the superior resource for individualized shoulder therapy and upper-extremity care. Our expert therapists combine cutting-edge treatment techniques with compassionate care to help speed your recovery and restore optimal range of motion.  

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