What Are The Different Types Of Sciatica? - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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The Different Types Of Sciatica
These are all the different root causes of sciatica symptoms and leg pain.
Herniated Disc
Piriformis Syndrome
SI Joint
Usually this is from a protruding disc or a herniated disc that is hitting a nerve root causing sciatica
This is from osteoarthritis in the spine that occurs with age that is causing narrowing of the spine
A muscle in the glute region that is on top of the sciatica nerve that when tight it can compress the nerve causing sciatica
Your pelvic can be out of alignment causing pain and symptoms to radiate into thigh and knee
Neural Tension
Muscle Trigger Point
Post Surgery Sciatica
Intermittent Claudication
Usually is following a previous back injury or back surgery when the nerve gets “tight” and causes sciatica
Some trigger points in the glute and buttock region can refer pain down the leg
Sometime swelling from a low back surgery can compress a nerve or cause scar tissue formation leading to neural tension and sciatica
This is a vascular problem but can be confused with leg pain and symptoms mimicking sciatica
Most Common Types Of Sciatica