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According to WebPT, half of Americans over 18 develop a musculoskeletal injury annually. These injuries can last for months, and sideline athletes that would much rather be on the playing field. One thing that helps speed up recovery is sports-specific physical therapy. It can get you back in the game more quickly and have you performing better than ever. In the world of sports, injuries are inevitable. Pursuit Physical Therapy is at the forefront of helping athletes get back to doing what they love using our expertise in sports-specific physical therapy. Our advanced techniques and regenerative medicine speed athletes’ recovery and enhance performance.

5 Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are quite common for amateur and professional athletes alike and include: ACL Tear A tear in the knee ligament that significantly impairs movement. Rotator Cuff Injury Damage and inflammation in the tendons and muscles around the shoulder joint. Hamstring Strain A pulled or torn hamstring muscle that leads to severe pain and limited movement of the leg. Ankle or Knee Sprain Overstretching or tearing of knee or ankle ligaments. Neck and Spine Injuries Trauma or strains to the neck or spine. Left untreated, it can lead to debilitating complications.  

Physical Therapy for Athletes

The role of sports physical therapy is to restore physical abilities post-injury. Therapists deploy customized treatment plans to address musculoskeletal issues and improve flexibility, function, and strength. A return to play protocol after a sports injury aims to get them back in the game safely.  

Benefits of Sports-Specific Physical Therapy

Faster Recovery Sports-specific physical therapy uses cutting-edge techniques specially designed to minimize downtime. Athletes can return to their sports more quickly and with less fear of re-injury or chronic pain. Enhanced Performance Beyond simply addressing injuries, sports physical therapy improves overall sports performance. Therapists focus on the specific physical demands of each sport, helping athletes increase power, agility, and stamina. If you’re looking for a way to reach your full athletic potential, targeted sports therapy can help get you there. Unparalleled Expertise A skilled sports-specific physical therapist is uniquely trained to understand the distinct physical demands of various sports. Drawing upon this expertise, they create customized treatment plans that factor in each athlete’s fitness and goals.  


Ultimately, physical therapy plays a crucial role in offering athletes a fast recovery and improved performance. Therapists’ dedicated expertise, advanced treatments, and sports-specific therapies can significantly reduce recovery time and enhance future performance on the field.  

Learn How Targeted Sports Physical Therapy Can Benefit You

Pursuit Physical Therapy is ideal for athletes seeking to accelerate their recovery journey and improve overall performance. Our team of highly skilled, licensed therapists is passionate about getting you back on track through personalized, goal-oriented therapy programs explicitly tailored to your needs. Visit our state-of-the-art facilities offering the latest in therapeutic technology and methods. You’ll see why both pros and weekend warriors rely on us for optimum performance and a speedy recovery.  

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