How Long Does It Take To Get Results With Sciatica Treatment - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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When Will You Get Pain Free?
We divided this into the 3 Phases Of Recovery. This will walk you through each phase and what is needed to be accomplished throughout your recovery process
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Solve The Root Cause
Sciatica pain stays centralized
Pain and symptom free
Identify and Treat All Underlying Risk Factors
Increase hip and lumbar mobility
Start advanced strengthening
Sciatica and pain centralize and starts decreasing in as fast as 2 weeks
Start light strengthening
Return to your favorite activities
Ween off of medications and symptoms stay reduced
stay off of medications
Return to sport programming
Now if you are an easy case of sciatica…usually easy cases only need 2-6 sessions and can be pain free in as fast as 2 weeks.
If your a complex case and have had sciatica for months or even years…then it takes a little more time.
  • Phase 1 may take 2-4 weeks, but you should know if treatment is working in the first 2 weeks! (yes, this is true. You should know if treatment is working in the first 2-4 sessions!)
  • Phase 2 may take another 2-4 weeks and you need to make sure your off of medications and your symptoms and pain are gone.
  • Phase 3 may take another 2-6 weeks depending on your goals and what you want to return too.