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When competitive and professional athletes get injured, it’s a serious problem. Competitive athletes train their entire lives for a chance to compete at the highest levels, and injuries can ruin years of hard work if not treated properly. Professional athletes have even more at stake: their livelihood depends on their ability to perform well.   The team at Pursuit Physical Therapy knows very well the benefits of immediate therapy intervention after an injury. Our highly skilled specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in speeding recovery for injured athletes. Read on to learn how our team can help you get back in the game fast. 

How Physical Therapists Help Injured Athletes 

According to Healthline.com, physical therapy has numerous benefits post-injury, like improving mobility, restoring physical function, rehabilitation and prevention of future injuries, and reducing pain. These are all things that can make or break an athlete’s career. Physical therapists use cutting-edge rehabilitation exercises post sports injury, teach injury prevention to returning athletes, and perform advanced physiotherapy for sports injury comebacks.  Physical therapists play a vital role in injury recovery for athletes. Their innovative post-injury physiotherapy techniques include manual therapy, injury-specific exercises, and education on sports injury timelines and expectations. Comprehensive imaging and evaluation help in designing personalized treatment plans that speed the healing process while mitigating the chances of future injuries. 

Comprehensive Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment Programs 

Targeted physical therapy programs are designed to jump-start the healing process and enhance performance safely as you recover. Your physical therapist will teach you best practices for avoiding injuries caused by improper technique or overuse. Physical therapists empower you to conquer limitations and return to your sport stronger than ever by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, advanced physiotherapy, and evidence-based practices. 

Common Competitive Sports Injuries 

  • ACL Tears 
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries 
  • Stress Fractures 
  • Ankle Sprains 
  • Tennis Elbow 
  • Muscle Strains 
  • Joint Injuries 
  • Tendonitis 
Professional rehabilitation and treatment restore athletes’ strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and function through myofascial release techniques, electrotherapy stimulation devices, hydrotherapy facilities, massage, and other methods. 


Quickly incorporating physical therapy into your post-injury treatment can facilitate a faster comeback while unlocking greater performance potential and reducing the risk of future injury.  

Start Your Recovery at the Best Sports Rehab in Orlando 

Athletes looking to unlock their full potential as they recover from an injury have a skilled partner in Pursuit Physical Therapy. As a prime destination for dedicated athletes, our top-tier sports medicine team knows the value of innovative and advanced treatment programs. We see the incredible results every day!  Our team goes beyond generic rehab programs to create individualized, targeted treatments that begin with biomechanics analysis post-injury.  We also teach you how to prevent future injuries so you can keep doing what you love, pain-free. 

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