Are you doing the right EXERCISE for your Achilles Tendinitis? - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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What exercise should you be doing for your Achilles pain? Woman holding painful ankles At Pursuit Physical Therapy, we focus on getting the most “bang for your buck”.  That means if we can get the same results using 2 exercises versus performing 8 exercises, we will stick with the 2 exercises!  It saves time and money.  So when you have Achilles tendinitis (it is actually called Achilles Tendinopathy due to not having any inflammatory markers, you really want to focus on what is the best treatment for me that will give me the biggest benefit. The answer is simple. Eccentric exercise This is an example of an Eccentric exercise for your Achilles tendon   The gold standard used to be a protocol that athletes used that required pushing through pain and performing 180 reps a day!  Yes, that’s crazy.  New research shows that you do not have to perform this and only a “do as tolerated” and avoiding pain approach shows just the same results!  Why do all of those reps and pushing through pain when you don’t have too! If you are having Achilles pain that is not resolving, call us now at 407-494-8835 and get started today on our proven Running Injury and Heel Pain Programs! Pursuit Physical Therapy Logo