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Is this describing your LOW BACK PAIN? Woman with Low Back Pain
I feel like my back is going to “give way” or “give out” on me I feel the need to frequently pop my back to reduce the pain I have frequent times when my pain occurs throughout the say I have a past history where my back catches or locks when I twist or bend my spine I have pain when I sit to stand or stand to sit I have a lot of pain when I sit up from lying down if I don’t rise up the right way My pain is sometimes increased with quick, unexpected, or mild movements I have difficulty sitting without back support such as a chair and feel better with a supportive back rest I cannot tolerate prolonged positions when I can’t move It seems like my condition is getting worse over time I have had this problem a long time I sometimes get temporary relief with back brace or corset I have many occasions when I get muscle spasms I sometime am fearful to move because of my pain I have had a back injury from trauma in the past
DID YOU ANSWER YES TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS? If so we can help solve the problem that is causing your low back pain with our PROVEN SPINE PROGRAM! This is what our patients are saying: Dr. Ron Miller with Ben
I came across Pursuit Physical Therapy post microdicectomy L5-S1 surgery for rehab. Being that hind site is always 2020, I wish I would have hooked up with Ron prior to my surgery because I have a feeling it potentially could have been avoided. The previous PT practice I had been going to prior to my operation was completely different from the level of care Doctor Ron practices. I would get stuck with different PT assistants and sometimes the people didn’t even know what I was in there for. So after the surgery I was still having some nerve pain which was really scaring me, but Ron assured me he would get me back to being my normal self again. After just a few weeks of his treatment plan I was back to being able to run, surf, and golf again like my old self. I basically live pain free with absolutely no pain meds…not even ibuprofen which i used to eat like candy!!!! With Pursuit, Ron’s attention to detail and expertise is obviously at a very high level. I would and do recommend him to anyone suffering from any injuries. Its well worth the investment to higher the best when it comes to your health and well being!!! THANKS RON!
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