How Are We Different Here At Pursuit? - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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Pursuit’s foundation is based on a new healthcare model rooted in doing what is best for the patient: getting faster results in fewer sessions. The patient is always placed first because we believe nothing should dictate the quality of your health care, except what is best for you – the patient.  Our board-certified Doctors of Physical Therapy provide individualized one-on-one patient care to help you get out of pain and back to the activities you love.​ We believe treatment should not be standardized, but customized and tailored specifically to each individual patient.

What Do We Specialize In?

We specialize in everything from headache, neck pain, shoulder, low back, hip, and all the way down the body to plantar fasciitis and foot pain – so any injury that is musculoskeletal and orthopedic.  We also see chronic pain and many complex cases that have failed standard care treatments and have specialty programs for those who want to return to sports such as tennis, running, golf, and baseball.  We are trying to build a dream team of expert clinicians that have advanced training and are innovative thinkers when it comes to new treatment techniques and getting great outcomes for our patients.

What sets our evaluations apart?

We created a new model that only delivers one-on-one patient care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy that specializes in your area of need and elevates the quality of care given to the patient.  During the initial phone call the patient is matched with the specialist that is best fit for the patient case.  You never see just the average person, or the person who has the first opening, but you are matched with the expert who specializes in your condition.   Our evaluations are 60-90 minutes long giving plenty of time to perform a comprehensive evaluation, answer all of the patients’ questions, and solve the root cause of their pain so we can address the real reason of what is causing the pain – not just covering up symptoms.  After the evaluation the patient will have a clear understanding of what is causing their pain, identify underlying risk factors, know what is the best way to treat their pain, and the expected timeline of when to expect results alongside the total cost.  We encourage our patients to ask questions so they fully understand what their treatment will entail including the role they play in their treatment. There are no miscellaneous fees or hidden charges with deductibles, co-pays, co-insurances, which most patients don’t have an understanding of, so they blindly go into healthcare not clearly knowing what the procedure costs and how much they have to pay.  After the patient clearly understands their suggested treatment plan, they can make a decision on what is best for them.  We also offer a money back guarantee for our packages for complex cases, because we believe it’s not right to ask someone to pay out of pocket for treatment if it’s not working.  So, in 2 weeks if the patient feels their course of treatment is not working or they don’t like the results they are getting, we offer a full money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Convenient Scheduling And Great Communication With Therapists

Our patients have direct access to our services in an attempt to offer more convenience and faster service.  No one wants to wait weeks to be seen when being in pain which is why we also try to get new patient in within the same week at a time that is most convenient for them. We also take advantage of technology to allow for greater communication between patient and clinician:  If you have a question for your therapist, you don’t have to wait for weeks or until your next follow up visit to get an answer. You can even text your PT and ask questions and get instant feedback.  Our home programs are video based and customized for each patient allowing patients to provide feedback and get instant changes adjustable from home so they don’t need to come and visit with their PT.  We feel that patients care about 2 main things:  results and the patient experience.  I feel that the whole healthcare system needs to take an educational course on the customer experience because there is very little customer experience in healthcare, which is why we pride ourselves in elevating our patient experience. From finding us online and seeing our testimonials, to the initial phone call and convenient scheduling, to fast and easy communication, to the high-quality treatment sessions, all the way to the end when we deliver on the promises we made to the patient and celebrating their success. We truly make sure our patients are taken care of and that we exceed patient expectations.

A New Model That Saves You Money

This new model is actually reducing the total cost of healthcare and raises the quality of care for the patient to allow great results in fewer sessions at a lower total cost.  For cases that cost $10,000 in standard care we are getting better for $3-5,000.  Easy cases that could cost $1,000’s we are getting better in hundreds!  Some in as cheap as $330 in 2 visits!  We actually published our first 3-year data with UCF and we have a current study that is analyzing our 5-year data.  In the first study it showed our average cost per case was $817 when, for example, the average cost of care in the US for low back pain ranges from $2,200-$6,600!  Many people don’t understand this but since deductibles are going up to the $5,000+ range the patient is more responsible for the cost of their treatment.  So, you the patient, have a question to ask; who can get me the best results for the cheapest?   Yes, our costs are out-of-pocket to the patient but everyone is still given a reimbursement form to submit their claim to their insurance company on their own.   Not only do we reduce to cost of care but we also reduce the number of treatment sessions needed.  Complex cases that would take a year to get better can take months.  Some that would take months to get better can see results in weeks.  And those that require 3x a week for 4 weeks in standard care can see results in 2-6 sessions and feel great in 2 weeks.  We are not a big box factory trying to see as many patients as possible that implements a standard cookie cutter treatment approach.  Every session is customized to the patient and tailored just for them to get the best results possible.  Our concept of matching the patient with the specialist; the one-on-one treatment sessions with the same clinician, without any limitations, truly creates an opportunity to get faster results in fewer sessions and elevates the quality of care the patient receives.

No Double Booking And No Wait Times!

We also eliminated waiting times, double booking (and even triple booking) patients with other patients, and using techs and assistants.  There is no need to wait weeks to be seen for treatment.  As stated earlier, every patient is scheduled within the week of their initial phone call, unless a later appointment is necessary.  All of our appointments are on time, so if you’re scheduled for 11 am, you will be seen at 11am.  How annoying is it when you have a scheduled appointment and you’re still in the waiting room 45 minutes later, and now your doctor’s appointment takes 3 hours out of your day?  The model we have built has essentially eliminated waiting periods.

Only Board Certified Specialists

If you were in pain, you would want to be seen by the best clinician that specializes in your injury or pain, not the assistant and not the tech, right? So, you are seen by the expert who specializes in your pain, never an assistant or tech.  That same specialist will be with you throughout your journey every step of the way until you achieve the results you want all while achieving the promises we made at the evaluation, ensuring you are never passed to someone else. It is always you and your therapist, one-on-one. It’s a new standard of care for the people of Orlando, that truly puts the patient and what is best for the patient first, period.

Great Outcomes And Customer Service

We are most proud of our patient results and customer service.  Whole heartedly, we try our best to get our patients the best results possible and do what is best for the patient.  It is very gratifying to help others get out of pain and get their life back.  Our company purpose is To Help, To Serve, To Care: To HELP you live your best life as pain free as possible, no matter your age, so you can continue to do the things you love!  Our team is here to SERVE and empower you to reach your goals as we truly CARE about your recovery.  Not only does our model allow for better results and outcomes, but it allows us to create meaningful relationships with our patients that last well beyond their time as patients here at Pursuit.  This shows with our patient’s willingness to share their story and testimonials! While writing this Pursuit has over 230 five-star reviews online and we are the #1 rated clinic in Orlando.  Our patients are willing to tell their story and experience while at Pursuit and share the news with others to help spread the word. We are grateful and truly appreciate all our patients for sharing their stories!