New Moms Postpartum Returning to Exercise | CycleBar Winter Park | Pursuit Podcast - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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In this podcast we discussed:
  • Things to look for and be aware of when returning to exercise postpartum
  • When it is safe to return to exercise after giving birth
  • The types of classes available at CycleBar Winter Park
  • CycleBar Winter Park programs offered to new moms looking to get active again
  • Tips, tricks, and modifications provided to postpartum women at CycleBar Winter Park
  • Signs to be aware of in women with abdominal pain and/or pelvic dysfunction, and why they should be treated before participating in high impact activities
  • Advanced class options at CycleBar Winter Park for moms who have achieved great strength and looking for a challenge
  • Types of community outreach available for moms through CycleBar Winter Park