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Do you have Questions about your Osteoporosis? Do you know how to be safe and prevent fractures? Do you know specifically what to do about osteoporosis?

Become proactive about your knowledge and prevention of the effects of osteoporosis!

What does our Osteoporosis Program entail:

Cathy YiPersonalized One-on-One Patient Care

1 Hour Treatments

Same Day Scheduling

 Treatments only by our board certified specialist, Cathy Yi

Individualized treatment program for each patient

Specific Video Home Programs

No double and triple booking with other patients

National Osteoporosis Foundation LogoCathy is a proud member of the National Osteoporosis Foundation.  For more information about osteoporosis, the foundation, and Cathy’s profile click on the logo.  Cathy is one of only a few expert clinicians who specialize in the treatment of osteoporosis in the Orlando and Central Florida area! This is what our patients are saying about Cathy’s treatment approach:
Cathy Yi with Kathy C.“So I opted for PT and was lucky enough to find Cathy Yi, who is the best physical therapist I’ve ever had (and I’ve had several!).  Cathy really listened to me and paid careful attention to my attempts to follow her instructions during the therapy sessions” -Kathy C.  

Cathy Yi with Enid“Cathy is a gifted physical therapist, with a thorough understanding of the body. I so appreciated that she took my age into consideration during our sessions together—this was most important to me. And she always gave me exercises to do at home that speeded my healing. I would highly recommend Cathy–she’s the best!” -Enid J.

Call now at 407-494-8835 and start getting back the active lifestyle you deserve with our Proven Osteoporosis Program! We only have 5 evaluations slots available a week due to the One-on-One care,  so don’t hesitate and book your eval today.  Schedule Now Button Pursuit Physical Therapy Logo