Are You Trying To Return To Golfing After A Low Back Fusion Like Tiger Woods? (Find out what to do here!) - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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Yes!  You can still return to golf after having lumbar fusion surgery!  (But it does take time and the right treatment approach.)


Find out exactly what you need to do to return to golf after having low back fusion surgery below and how to prevent low back pain from returning after golf

7 Step Return To Golf Process:

  1. Give fusion surgery 8-12 month to heal and recover

  2. maximize hip range of motion to deload the fusion area

  3. start basic strengthening of low back, glutes, and hips

  4. reach full range of motion of low back, thoracic spine and hip

  5. start golf club swinging progression program and make necessary golf swing changes

  6. start functional and golf specific strengthening progressions

  7. start return to golf program