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What do you need to know about Low Back Pain? Just watch the video below!  This is a great video by Dr. Mike Evans and gives a full evidenced based overview of low back pain and the best way to treat it!  Enjoy

If you have more questions about your spine and  low back pain, or pain that shoots down your leg, call us  today at 407-494-8835 and schedule your COMPLIMENTARY EVALUATION! We have built a proven Spine Pain Program just for these cases!  Or click the button below to schedule now.

I highly recommend Pursuit Physical Therapy to anyone experiencing any sort of body pain and not getting better. Last year I experienced major lower back and leg pain just after my pregnancy so I went to see an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with a herniated disc and sciatica. However after months of physical therapy my leg pain continued and never improved. I decided it was time to try someone new and discovered Dr.Miller through an internet search as he was highly rated. After my initial evaluation with him he conducted some tests and then explained that the reason I was never getting any relief was because I didn’t have sciatica. It was actually tarsel tunnel syndrome. After my first couple of sessions with Ron, I felt relief and pain free instantly! The attention and personalized care at this practice far outweigh any other in the Orlando area. I can now take care of my baby and get back to daily activities without any leg pain. Pursuit PT is worth it

Candice R.

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