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Permanent Pain Solutions

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Are you tired of dealing with your annoying injury or persistent pain?

We specialize in solving the PROBLEM that is causing your pain and, most importantly, making sure it doesn’t return!


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What if there is a way to get pain free faster in fewer visits?

No more being seen 3x a week for 4 weeks by your therapist, being double booked, or waiting weeks to be seen by a specialist. We specialize in getting patients better, faster, in fewer visits! No waiting periods!


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Are you tired of standard health care and being double booked with other patients?

We only treat with One-on-One patient care only by a board certified specialist. Same specialist every time!

Chamber of Commerce, Voted Best Physical Therapist 2014 Award

Get back to being pain free and to the lifestyle you deserve!

This is what our patients are saying about their experience at Pursuit Physical Therapy:

Dr. Ron Miller with Wayne…. within 2 days was noticeably better and by the fourth visit I was pain free. What was different about Pursuit Physical Therapy and Ron Miller was the attention to detail and the willingness to spend the time to actually treat me. There were not any distractions, they were not rushing people in and out, I actually was treated like a person rather than a number. Dr. Ron Miller actually invested himself in my care. I am now able to do all of the activities I was before. I no longer have to grimace every time I take a step out of bed in the morning, And most importantly I didn’t have to have surgery or injections to mask the problem. Thank you Dr. Ron Miller you ROCK!!

-Wayne H.

……In addition it is clear that his advanced level of education and his degree in physical therapy (he has a DPT) places him above his colleagues, both as a diagnostician and a clinician. Finally, when we were discharged from his care, Dr. Miller’s interest in my son did not end. Instead he maintained close contact with my son’s fitness trainer, not only following up by telephone but also attending one of the fitness sessions to make sure the right exercises were being done for my son’s condition. Overall it is my opinion that Dr. Miller takes the field of physical therapy to the highest possible level, and my only regret is I didn’t find him sooner. I give Dr. Miller my highest level of recommendation.

– Andrew Levitan, MD.

Dr. Ron Miller with LilyDr. Ron Miller is the best! One week after the first treatment I was playing tennis with much more strength in my serve and ground strokes. After just three sessions we’re done! He takes all the time that’s necessary during the free evaluation to pinpoint the exact source of your problem, and then addresses it with therapy and specific exercises to do at home. He really listens to your feedback and is genuinely committed to your healing process.

-Lily P.


Cathy Yi with TabithaCathy understands the mechanics of the body and intuitively knows where to go next in the journey to freedom from pain! She has truly changed my life, because within a few sessions my pain was decreasing! I did not think that this was possible! And after just a few weeks my foot pain was completely gone. You heard me, GONE! Now, I am able to easily stand at work for longer periods, walk the theme parks in Orlando, or go to the dog park with my husband and puppy on the weekend! I forget how much I had given up due to my constant pain. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ron and Cathy to anyone experiencing pain! Without Cathy I would still be treating a foot problem with no relief. Pursuit Physical Therapy can help you take control of your pain!

-Tabitha M.


Cathy Yi with KathyCathy Yi, who is the best physical therapist I’ve ever had (and I’ve had several!). Cathy really listened to me and paid careful attention to my attempts to follow her instructions during the therapy sessions.

– Kathy C.


Dr. Ron Miller with BobDr. Miller was recommended by numerous friends. I chose Ron because of his “hands on” model, diagnostic recommendation, and home exercise program. After only a few sessions, the pain subsided and my golf has started to return. The concentrated attention and his knowledge have eliminated the thought of surgery and returned me to my “normal” lifestyle. I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Miller to others who are be looking for a Physical Therapist. Thank you, Dr. Miller.

Bob P.


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