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How long does plantar fasciitis last for?
Woman with plantar fasciitis pain


This is a very common question from the public and from many of my patients.  Lets see what the research says:
How long does plantar fasciitis pain last for?

JOSPT 2014 – 80% resolution of symptoms in 12 months

Foot Ankle Int 2012 –  90% of symptoms resolve in 11 + months.  Chronic heel pain = > 6 months

Ann Rehabil Med 2011 – 13 to 17 months

American College of Physicians: In the Clinic 2012 – Symptoms are slow to resolve but most cases eventually disappears completely

So we can agree that plantar fasciitis, especially chronic cases when symptoms are greater than 6 months, takes roughly a year or longer to resolve.  Acute cases can resolve much faster if they are treated early, but many people experiencing heel pain do not seek treatment until it is a chronic case of plantar fasciitis.  So my question is…. But what if we can help resolve your chronic heel pain in 3-6 months? What if we can resolve acute pain without injections?

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