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Pain Management Orlando

Real Solutions for Pain Management in Orlando

Pain. No word makes you wince more than that when you read it. Perhaps you remember a time you were in severe pain and just reading the word brings back unpleasant memories. Or perhaps you’re suffering from intolerable pain now and want real solutions. You don’t want to wait weeks for an appointment with a specialist and you don’t want a prescription for pills you know carry a risk factor. You just want the pain to go away. You want to live your life without being debilitated by the agony that won’t leave you alone. We understand and we’re here to help you right now. We’re Pursuit Physical Therapy. Our mission is to provide our clients with the relief they need without suffering through weeks of agony to get it. As trained physical therapists, we have seen what pain can do to an otherwise healthy, vital person. It robs you of life’s joy. It denies you the pleasures you should be enjoying every day. That’s why our calling is to provide patient care excellence and pain relief quickly. We don’t want to see you waste one more day suffering from pain. We also know that surgery and strong medications are not your first choice. There is another way. Real pain relief is possible and we can make that happen for you. At Pursuit Physical Therapy we don’t require a physician referral or a set appointment. Walk-ins are welcome because we know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need us today. We also see you as an individual who is hurting. Compassion for others drives us. Our programs are designed to help you recover from sports injuries, sports training physical fatigue, surgeries, accident injuries, and lack of mobility due to intense pain. Our focus is to provide the best-customized recovery plan for your unique situation. Our specialized programs include:
  •       Sports injuries and recovery
  •       Sports training physical stress
  •       Accident injuries
  •       Post-surgery recovery
Our highly-qualified and experienced therapists will consult with you to determine the course of action that provides the fastest, most beneficial relief. We explain how we will treat your pain and get you on the path to full recovery and a pain-free lifestyle. If you’re suffering from pain in any of the following areas, we can help you today: –      Neck pain –      Shoulder pain or mobility issues –      Knee pain or stiffness –      Hip pain or mobility issues –      Middle back pain –      Lower back pain –      Foot and ankle pain Our caring team has years of training and experience to provide you with a treatment solution. There’s no reason to suffer one day longer. We are waiting to bring you the long-awaited pain relief you deserve. Life is too short to live with pain that can be dealt with by a qualified physical therapist. It’s our honor and privilege to ease your suffering and give you back the quality of life you long for. That’s why we’re here and we can help you too. Our friendly team is here for you now. Contact us today!