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Mark C.

I came in with Achilles tendonitis and calf pain from years of athletics. I went to go see Ron and within 4 visits he had me running pain free and within 5-6 visits my entire problem was solved. I have gone to 2 other physical..Read More >>

Meredith B.

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Dr. Ron Miller as your next Physical Therapist! I am 42 years old, a mom of 2, and running enthusiast. I have had a plethora of running injuries and have been to just about every..Read More >>

Deborah B.

I was recently involved in a car accident where I was struck from behind by a school bus. I later had an MRI of my cervical spine and was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my neck. I felt a wave of unimaginable stress overtake me when I heard..Read More >>

Corey L.

I was having hip pain from running so I chose to see Ron rather than my Family Dr (who would order scans and eventually PT). I was having to take 2-3 days off between running days. Ron got me in quickly, did a few tests, and started treatment on my..Read More >>