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Here’s What Others With Sciatica, Just Like You, Said About Their Results… 

“My pain went from a 9 to a 0 and I didn’t need surgery!”


Julie C.

I had been dealing with severe lower back pain and sciatic never pain down my right leg for over ten months. The pain was so bad I could not bend over to complete simple household tasks…. Within a matter of a few weeks treatment, my pain went from a 9 to a 0 and I was able to complete simple tasks. And after about six weeks I was able to start Dr. Miller’s return to run program. I am grateful because I have my life back and I am able to go about my day and not have to worry about my back hurting or getting in the way of achieving what I want to accomplish. I would give everyone this advice: don’t let the doctor rush you into a quick surgery. Seek out someone like Dr. Miller and enjoy a less invasive form of healing.

“I was amazed by how fast my pain was reduced!”


Stephanie R.

I had an accident in December that caused a concussion, back pain, and whiplash. After PT, meds and chiro, I was in pain that was made worse by working every day as an admin. I was desperate for relief and yet the only suggestion my doctor had was more PT.  I came to Pursuit on a recommendation from a friend in Indiana (a PTA) who felt everything on Pursuit’s website said the right things. I tossed it around and delayed because I just didn’t think more PT would help.  It wasn’t until I went to Pursuit and saw Dr. Miller that I realized I did need PT, but not the kind I was sent to before! Pursuit and Dr. Miller are unique in the way that he evaluates and diagnoses your root cause issue, then designs treatment and 1:1 care unlike regular PT that only treats what another doctor has diagnosed.

During the eval, Dr. Miller’s full attention – listening, asking the right questions – was on me and understanding my pain. He didn’t hear “whiplash” and start immediately with treatment for that. He waited to hear everything and was able to get to the root cause of my issues. I had multiple issues – whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome and shoulder impingement- not all caused by the whiplash!  Since then, session after session he’s worked hard on fixing each and every issue. He doesn’t give me a bunch of exercises to do during the visit but actually does manipulations and treatment (1:1 care the entire hour). By the 2nd week (only 4 visits), I was amazed by how much my pain was reduced. I was 75% pain free from the whiplash.  I regret taking so long to decide to see him. His practice is truly like none other and if I ever need PT again, I will only go to Pursuit. Thank you Dr. Miller for caring about your patients and working hard to make our lives better!

“Within 3 visits I was completely PAIN FREE and walking normally again!”


Ally H.

“I came into Dr. Ron Miller with awful SI joint and leg pain pain. It hurt to walk, run, and do anything but lay in bed. I had no idea what the root cause was and he figured it out within minutes! Within a week I was feeling half the pain. Within 3 visits I was completely PAIN FREE and walking normally again. Dr. Miller is incredibly knowledgeable about everything and so kind and helpful. I will be returning if I have any issues!.”

“Dr. Fabrick listened as I vented and reassured me that my symptoms would improve – and they did!”


Andrea S.

“Pursuit Physical Therapy helped me recover from a disk herniation in my low back in the estimated time frame. Dr. Michael Fabrick was great to work with- he is very knowledgeable and encouraging, especially at the start of treatment when my pain was at my worst- he listened as I vented and reassured me that my symptoms would improve- and they did! Dr. Michael made sure to follow-up with a list of exercises I was to do at home in-between treatments. I would definitely recommend Pursuit and Dr. Michael to anyone who is experiencing pain or needs physical therapy. The office is welcoming, clean and inviting and the staff is friendly and warm.”

“After 4 sessions, I was pain free and back working out!”


Julie C.

“Pursuit Physical Therapy is the absolute best!! Dr. Ron provides hands on one on one treatment. He committed himself into helping me with my back problem the moment I walked through his door. He made clear to me that his goal was to get me PAIN FREE as fast as he could ,and that my recovery was just as important to him as it was to me….I am now PAIN FREE and back to Crossfit and Volleybal. I highly recommend Dr. Ron and if I ever need help again I know where to go”

“Within just one session, I saw results….and now I am at a complete and full recovery!”


Jai K.

“Within just one session, I was able to begin enjoying a semblance of my former fitness level – something no other professional had accomplished with me. He didn’t stop there, and worked with me over several months to a complete and full recovery. I’m now able to lift weights, run, and enjoy all the activities I thought were lost. I owe Ron my wellbeing and would, without hesitation, encourage anyone experiencing pain to follow Ron’s expert treatment. Thanks Ron!”

“At week 5 I saw results…without needing injections or surgery!”


Kellie H.

“I made three visits to the emergency room before an MRI showed a herniated disc and “impinged” nerve. My doctor had me set up for pain injections, but I decided to try Ron first. I’M SO GLAD I DID! After the evaluation, I could hardly believe what he said I should expect from treatment. He said that in a matter of 5-6 weeks I would be walking and getting back to my former routine. It seemed almost impossible to imagine. He gave me several exercises and I followed his directions. Sure enough, at about the 5 week mark I started to have a great deal of improvement. He was very encouraging through out the process. All I can say is, try Ron first!.”

“…This experience is absolutely unique to you and I am finally free.”


Kellie H.

“Ron sincerely cares about your pain and the why behind it. He WILL find out why and he will fix it. Since then I have referred my daughter and she referred her employer. Everyone is on their way to healing for the first time in so many years. It feels frustrating to know that there is someone out there who had the techniques and answers but most everyone else treats patients the same way or with only what they believe their speciality will do. This is absolutely unique to you and I am finally free from a debilitating life.”


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