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No matter what caused your occipital neuralgia, it can be frustrating finding a way to lessen the painful effects. At your doctor’s suggestion, you tried warm compresses and Ibuprofen to no avail. And the pain is costing you precious days away from family and friends doing things you love. So what other treatments are available? Well, if you haven’t tried massage therapy you’ve been cheating yourself out of a much faster and more effective way to dull the pain. Causes & Symptoms Occipital neuralgia can be caused by any number of things including neck injuries like whiplash, tight neck muscles from stress, compressed nerves, gout, tumors, diabetes, or even blood vessel inflammation. If you have these symptoms, you may have occipital neuralgia:
  •       Headaches & migraines
  •       Vertigo
  •       Dizziness
  •       Sensitivity to light
  •       Pain behind the eye
If you have two or more of these symptoms you should see your primary physician. He or she will most likely advise you to use warm compresses and will possibly prescribe mild pain medication. However, a great many people cannot find relief from these at-home treatments and need professional therapy. The Most Effective Treatment for Occipital Neuralgia When your neck muscles are tight or there is a compressed nerve, a licensed massage therapist can work on the surrounding areas to relieve pressure on the targeted nerve.  Massage also loosens the muscles more and more with each therapy session, easing the tightness and strain that is causing your discomfort. Find Out More About Occipital Neuralgia Our qualified specialists are happy to provide more information about your condition. Contact us today and schedule a private consultation.