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What type of shoe is best for my Plantar Fasciitis?

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Plantar Fasciitis can be very painful condition and getting in the proper shoe is essential to your recovery process.  Whether you are a runner or working 8 hours a day in the office, proper arch support for plantar fasciitis is a major part to resolving your heel pain.  Any type of arch support will take stress and strain off of the plantar fascia and allow for proper healing to occur.  I frequently advice my patients to get the proper shoe and/or a prefabricated orthotic (such as a Super Feet orthotic from Fleet Feet) for their dress shoes or every day shoes as a part of their treatment plan.

So what is the best shoe for plantar fasciitis?

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A stability shoe will be light enough and comfortable enough to provide sufficient support for the plantar fascia.  A minimalist shoe or cushioned shoe probably will not provide enough support along your recovery process.  So I advice patient’s with plantar fasciitis and heel pain to get a stability shoe for your treatment period.  When it is time to return to your activities, then you may be able to return to your old shoes after you have completed your treatment plan. Shoe selection tips for plantar fasciitis

How do I get rid of my heel pain?  How do I treat my heel pain?

Pursuit Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of plantar fasciitis and heel pain.  No surgeries and no injections!  Our board certified experts have designed a proven Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Program just for you.  We also have a FREE HEEL PAIN NEWSLETTER that you can sign up for that explains everything you need to know about heel pain and plantar fasciitis and the recovery process.

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This is what one of our patient’s said about her treatment:
Great physical therapist, I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my plantar fasciitis and gotten numerous injections, but Ron was the first doctor to actually look at my foot and asses the actual cause and show me how to fix it rather than just tell me to stop running and have it come back again!  I would definitely recommend him to anyone with any kind of sports injury!  He’s great, PLEASE go see him!!!! He will be worth your time.  Best doctor I’ve seen hands down!  My foot is so much better! I’m running virtually pain free for the first time in 6 months.  
Kerry G. So call now to get your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION at 407-494-8835 or visit our website at PursuitTherapy.com.  Get out of pain today and receive the high quality treatment you deserve.

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