Why Massage Is Vital to the Best ACL Rehab - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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Anterior Criciate Ligament injuries more commonly referred to as ACL injuries can be excruciatingly painful. They can also prevent you from enjoying daily activities until you can find relief from the discomfort. While preventative measures like the following can help you to avoid this type of injury, it can happen to even the most cautious:
  •       Warm up before any activities
  •       Stretching to prepare the knees for exertion
  •       Proper footwear
  •       Rest after strenuous exercises
What an ACL Injury Is Inside the capsule of the knee is a ligament connecting the thigh bone to the shin bone. As you can imagine, this ligament gets a workout every day. But when you perform more strenuous activities like sports or heavy chores, it can put extra stress on the ligament, even twisting it in new positions. Sudden stops or changes in direction, twisting the knee at the joint, or an impact on the knee can cause injury. You may hear a pop or cracking sound or suddenly feel unstable when injured. The area will then swell up and be very painful. How Massage Therapy Can Quicken Healing of ACL Injuries While the ligament itself is encapsulated it is not able to be manipulated by massage. However, secondary benefits that hasten healing and provide pain relief are possible and recommended. Massage can alleviate the muscle cramps that occur around the knee worsening discomfort. Massage therapy can also restore the mechanical balance and function of the knee. Find Out More About ACL Rehab The highly-skilled, specially trained massage therapists at Pursuit Physical Therapy can provide you with more information about the benefits of ACL rehab therapy. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a private consultation.