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15 Habits to Lose Body Fat and Feel Great!

By Kirk Gibson


  Hello Friends, I recently have been reading one article a day about nutrition and weight loss for the past month. I have concluded from these readings, 15 things. Listed below are the 15 HABITS that can truly make you lose weight and feel great. If you can make these habits a part of your life, I guarantee you will see phenomenal results!!!!   Kirk p.s.- If you have questions about why or how or what- I have answered them after the list- If you still don’t understand, email me or call me and I will explain the best I can.

 Man and Woman running

The 15 Secrets to Loose Fat and Feel Great 1- MOST IMPORTANTLY ELIMINATE SUGAR- If its white and its not chicken fish or turkey dont eat it- 
Sugar or glycogen is the fuel for performance of our muscles. Unfortunately about 90 percent of the population takes in too much. Whenever you take in too excess sugar, meaning your muscle glycogen storage is full- the sugar or glycogen is stored as fat. So if you are not exercising regularly and like sweets or excess carbs, it will be stored as fat. If you do exercise but still are a carbaholic- you are wasting your time in the gym because all you are doing is burning glycogen storage and then replenishing them and all excess goes to your thighs butt and belly. So please watch your sugar- anything with an -ose as an ingredient in your food is bad- But the best way to go about staying away from this is eating foods that are simple- Guess what most raw or even living foods that arent processed will never have an -ose in the ingredients- I always talk about chicken fish turkey green leafy vegatables and fruits- guess what the ingredient is ? No long list- Take a look at a cereal or a bag of chips or any processed food and the list goes on forever- If you cant pronounce the ingredients dont eat it!!!!!! Take a look in your pantry and it will make sense when you look at the ingredient list-
2- Eat 5 – 6 small meals in equal proportions every 3 hours
This habit is very important, because what this does is it distends or shrinks your stomach. The other reason is this helps you to lose body fat, because it keeps your metabolism going. Eating smaller meals helps control blood sugar spikes and drops, which in turn will not allow your body to store fat.
3- Move more daily along with exercise just around house, at office, take stairs, park further away, pace around when talking on phone
 Move more throughout the day- This is one of the best secrets about lean people- I find the leanest people not only workout alot but they just plain move more- The more sedentary you are the less calories you will burn. By doing activities and chores throughout the day, will add up to hundreds of extra calories burned along with increased energy. My favorite saying is move more eat less.
4- Eat a protein with every meal
Protein with every meal- This is something that I have just learned and it makes so much sense- As I explained before everyone needs to keep their blood sugar from spiking. When you take in protein with every meal it helps you from spiking because for every 100 protein calories you consume your body needs 20 to 30 calories for digestion. The calorie burn champion is lean proteins but FIBER is not too far off as well- Protein also is essential for your muscles and helps give you feeling of satiety or being full.
5- Eat an animal protein and a carbohydrate BUT NO FAT with in one hour after your workout. (atleast 100 calories)
Always eat an animal protein and a carb after workout. With in 1 hour ( thats your window) The reason you want it to be an animal protein is because animal proteins have all the essential amino acids. Other proteins will not give you everything you need for your muscles to repair and build properly. During this 1 hour time frame post exercise, during this time enzymes for energy production are most active and energy storing hormones within the blood are suppressed. This means there will be a less chance that energy will be stored as fat. Carbs will be immediately taken in to replenish low glycogen stores caused by exercising and proteins will be needed to aid in the recovery of new lean FAT BURNING muscle.
6-  Eliminate Dairy products all together
Eliminate Dairy- Dairy is not only an inflammatory food which can lead to diabetes, arthritis, obesity and cancer. Almost all dairy products are processed, high in saturated fats and loaded with calories. One can get enough calcium from GREEN LEAFY VEGATABLES and cut the hundreds of calories every day by doing this. I have seen great results with my clients that have simply eliminated dairy. TRY IT and you will feel better and lose weight.
7- Eat only High Fiber Carbohydrates- (list below)
 Eat FIBER- Eat carbs with High fiber content. High fiber foods are lower on the glycemic index ( less sugar) and will allow the sugar to be released slowly in to your system which in turn will be used for energy throughout the day instead of being used for your muffin top, love handles, sex machine fuel tank (beer belly) Fiber also helps you feel full which will make you not one seconds and also has a thermogenic effect like protein and requires caloric expenditure for digestion.
8- Just say no to bread/desert/appetizers/sweets/candies/sodas/diet sodas. This is just a habit you dont physiologically need them for survival.
Just say no – When you go out to eat with friends just say no to the bread tray or dessert. Try it for a month and you will not only feel better but you will watch others eat and feel better because you know that stuff is only a temporary high of sugar that soon enough will end up storing in the wrong places- I FEEL GREAT when I go out and people order bread or desert and I just simply say no thanks. The next day I feel proud of myself and I can look in the mirror and be like yea I like what I see instead of feeling guilty about having those 3 slices of warm bread that I really did not need for survival. Also, desert is costly and usually only just more sugar for my body to turn in to fat.
9- Drink Lots of water and green tea
Drink lots of water- And do green tea instead of coffee- Water is essential for fat burning, muscle function and removal of waste and toxins. DRINK UP-  Green tea instead of coffee is a great alternative because green tea has caffeine if you need it but most importantly it contains catechins and polyphenols (antioxidants also knows as cancer fighters) that help promote fat loss.
10- If It came in a package or its processed – DO NOT EAT IT
PROCESSED FOODS- They are just straight up bad- High in saturated fats. Usually have large amounts of salt and sugar. All which will help you get that body you are NOT looking to get. I kind of look at processed foods as just foods for fat storage, they most of the time arent even real foods. Homo-sapiens were never supposed to eat processed foods and I am pretty sure that is why we tend to store them as fat, because the body doesnt know what else to do with the preservatives.
11- Don’t Drink Fruit Juice- Eat the Fruit raw
FRUIT JUICE= MORE SUGAR- instead of drinking juice in the morning, drink water and eat the fruit itself. Raw fruits have fiber in them and will allow the sugar to be released slowly in the body for energy and you wont have a spike. Just think whenever you drink the OJ in the morning, It is just simply going to be stored as fat because unless you are going for a vigorous workout first thing in the morning.
12 Limit alcohol intake- One glass of red wine a day is healthy not four
Limit Alcohol- One glass of red wine has great health benefits and can actually promote fat loss. But only one. Alcohol is not the best thing to take in if you are really serious about losing body fat because it leads to poor decisions and can impair discipline.
13- Have one cheat day a week and make sure it is on a day when you exercised vigorously
Have a cheat day- The science behind this is that if you are doing well with your diet and are losing weight sometimes your body will actually think it is starving itself. If this happens your metabolism can slow down because of lack of Leptin (a hormone) production. This then trigger for cortisol (another hormone) production. Cortisol promotes muscle loss and makes it hard to burn fat (BAD) So to keep this from happening, have one cheat day where you eat anything you want. I would also recommend doing this on an exercise day. Also stay away from high sugar foods like sodas sweets and anything with high fructose corn syrup. By doing this it will keep your LEPTIN hormone in check and kind of shock your system, preventing cortisol production and boosting that metabolism.
14- Dont ever skip breakfast
Dont Skip Breakfast- In the morning you must Break your Fast– Meaning when you sleep you are fasting or in hibernation so to speak. Eat breakfast to get that engine churning and get the metabolism going and remember after breakfast there should be at least 4 more small meals coming throughout the day.
15- Strength Train 3-4 times a week and do cardiovascular/intervals exercise 3-4 times a week
 Strength Training is the best way to lose weight not cardio- and if you do it in a circuit style LIKE I MAKE EVERYONE DO you can get a cardiorespiratory benefit from the weights. So you are getting not only a great workout for your fat burning muscles but you also are expending mucho calories and keeping your HDL levels high as well as keeping your Time ticker (heart) finely tuned. Muscle is 17 to 25 times more metabolically active than fat. Building lean muscle makes you a fat burning machine while you are reading this, sleeping, walking, doing activities that are not related to exercise.
Get back to having lots of energy and enjoying life! Man and Woman at the beach Kirk Gibson bushido.performance@gmail.com