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Does this negative ion bracelet really help athlete performance? What does the hologram wristband really do?

negative ion bracelet

I see so many people wearing these bracelets and many patients ask about them too.  Do these really work?

What does the research say about these negative ion hologram bracelets?

I really didn’t need research to come out to answer this question, but finally it has!  Recently Sells et al. in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning  in a randomized control trial looked at the effects of a negative ion hologram bracelet on aerobic performance.  They concluded:

The results of this study provide data that holographic and negative ion technology wristbands may have no effect on VO2max, VO2 at ventilatory threshold, or heart rate at ventilatory threshold, and thus may have no positive effect on exercise endurance.

This was the only study that I could find on a Pubmed search.  Here is another blog post that debunks the myth of these bracelets and the test – retest your balance example.

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