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Did you know your sleeping position can contribute to muscle and joint pain? Think about it. When you drift into sleep, you probably unintentionally settle into your favorite position. Generally, for healthy people with no underlying conditions, sleep position doesn’t drastically affect your health.

However, sleeping in certain positions consistently can cause pain and/or increase pain that you may be having already. Check out the following sleep styles to see how you could benefit from analyzing and possibly changing your habits.

woman grabbing her neck in pain sleeping

1 – Stomach Sleeper: Sleeping on your stomach can increase the strain on both your neck and lower back. If you constantly find yourself most comfortable here, but want to lessen the strain on your neck, try removing the pillow from under your head or exchanging it for a thinner one. As for your back, try sleeping with an additional pillow under your lower abdomen. This will help you stay in more of a neutral position overnight.

2 – Back Sleeper: Many studies suggest that sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees helps to relieve lower back stress. This position is known as the most beneficial for knee and hip pain.

3 – Side Sleeper: Sleeping on your left side has been said to aid in digestion and reduce heartburn. Side sleeping is not helpful if you have experienced shoulder stiffness or pain. To avoid low back and hip pain in this position, bend your knees up slightly and place a pillow between your lower legs.

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. It is no secret that some people wake up feeling sore, achy, or in pain. Using the above tips to adjust the way you sleep can result in overall improvements in how you feel. Do know that adjustments take time and making it a habit to evaluate your sleep style is important for sleep quality and living pain-free!

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