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What causes low back pain after having a low back fusion surgery?  This should be fixed, right?

Unfortunately, this happens a lot and lumbar fusion surgery only shows a 50% success rate.  It OK, though!  There is hope!  There is always a reason of why you still have pain.  We just need to solve it.  This just means that the true cause of the low back pain was missed or that you have underlying risk factors that have not been addressed that is still causing compression in your low back, thus causing your current low back pain.

How do you identify low back pain risk factors for after fusion surgery?

A thorough evaluation.  With an “outside the box” approach we have been able to identify the risk factors that predispose patient to stil have low back pain after fusion surgery , and get back to getting minimal to no pain and walking miles outside.  Just CLICK HERE to see what others are saying about their experience and results.  Many times you have to look above and below the fusion joint to find these risk factors that are causing the pain.  When these are identified and treated, then you should start seeing relief.

How do you treat low back pain if you still have it after a lumbar fusion?

The best way to is address the underlying risk factors, treat them to de-load the low back, open space in lumbar spine, and to finish off with glute and leg strengthening for your long term outcome.  Yes, some exercise is involved.

This is how low back pain treatment after a lumbar fusion should should start:

  • The first goal is to get decreased low back pain or resolve low back pain

  • Second step:  address underlying risk factors for low back above and below the fusion level

  • 3rd step:  regain full range of motion

  • 4th step: master basic strengtheing of low back and glutes

  • 5 step:  return to walking program outside and progress to advanced low back, gltue, and leg strengthening

If you are struggling with low back pain after a lumbar fusion surgery, there is still hope!  We see this a lot and we still can get patients with decrease low back pain and back to their favorite activities.  If you have questions or concerns about our treatment approach or wish to schedule an evaluation with one of our board certified orthopedic experts, give us a call at 407-494-8835.