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Many of our patients, who are active golfers, come to us after a total hip replacement saying:  “I was told that I can’t golf anymore”, or that ” I should not golf again because of my total hip replacement”We don’t agree with this and we actually get most of our total hip patients, who want to return to golfing, back playing 18 holes without pain nor any complications.  In fact, we currently have a patient who had bilateral total hip replacements in our Golf Injury and Performance Program returning to golf playing 9-18 holes this past week, without any flare ups of pain .  So it can be done if done right.  Here are some questions to help guide you.

Can I return to golf after having a total hip replacement?

The answer is YES!!!!  If all impairments are treated correctly and swing biomechanics are addresses, then there is no reason why you can’t return to golf.

When can I return to golf after total hip replacement surgery?

This varies per case and per individual.  Every case is different and everyone’s response is different after a total hip replacement.  Some can return to golf activities as fast a few weeks and others it may take a few months to return.  It is all based on your case, how you respond, and if you have enough strength and range of motion required for golf activities.

How do I return to golfing and playing 18 holes of golf after my hip replacement surgery?

You need a structure program that is designed by the best clinician in order to return to golf after a total hip replacement.  Not all people with total hip replacements can return to golf.  Our very own Scott Shepard (voted Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals in the US by Golf Digest!) is a physical therapist who is an expert in golf, golf swing biomechanics, and he runs our Golf Injury and Prevent program.

Here is a step by step approach to return to golf after a total hip replacement:

  •  Get cleared by physician how performed the total hip replacement surgery

  •  Get a thorough evaluation from an expert physical therapist

  •  Solve the root cause of your pain, identify any risk factors and other current impairments

  • start proven treatments that will address current impairments over until ready to start swinging a golf club

  • start putting and chipping program

  • make strength progressions and golf specific training to return to golf

  • Customize a Return to Golf program based on impairments and workload progression building up to 18 holes of golf