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Can you save money with healthcare?  Yes!

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First, lets address the problem….Health care is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!  Click here for a perfect example of a 20 year old’s hospital bill for appendicitis.  He posted his bill online and just look at the charges!  Original cost over $55,000!  2 hours in recovery room, $7500!  CT scan $7,000!   After insurance, he still owes $11,000!  This is just one example, but the overall consensus is, that health care is just way too expensive.

Which is still an obscenely high bill to pay for such a young man. He was in the Recovery Room for 2 hours and it cost him $7,500.

Is there such thing as good low cost healthcare? Point, stay out of the hospital if you can.  But, is there a way to still receive great quality healthcare, that will ensure I get a great outcome, and still be cost effective?  Yes, again, and the answer for many injuries and common complaints of pain is physical therapy.  A recent research article shows that direct access to physical therapy services may help decrease the costs of health care and promote high quality care.  For a visual, look and compare the cost and time of each patient for a treatment of low back pain.

Old and New Approach diagram

Well, I have a high deductible and will have to pay for everything out of pocket? If you took another diagnosis, such as heel pain or plantar fasciitis, you could apply the same model.  By the time you see you primary care physician, pay co pays and coinsurance, take medications, referred to a specialist, pay co pays and coinsurance, receive injection, referred to physical therapy, pay copays and coinsurance, etc (you get the point) you can spend $3,000-$5,000 for your treatment!  And with premiums going up, copays going up, and deductibles increasing you may have to pay all of it out of pocket!  Not to mention, you may have to wait months until your treatment starts.  This highlights the benefits of direct access to physical therapy. At Pursuit Physical Therapy, you can start today, receive treatment, and no exactly how much it will cost.  You could benefit from a treatment package, or just individual sessions, and your bill will never go above $1500!  Big Difference!  Plus you will get better quicker.  So call us today at 407-494-8835 to receive your COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION to see if you are appropriate for our services. Take advantage of this current special while it lasts.  Take control of your healthcare, save money and get pain free today.

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