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Tired of dealing with a running injury that is not resolving?

Well, we have the answer.  On every 1st Saturday of every month, Pursuit Physical Therapy’s Dr. Ron Miller, will be at Fleet Feet Orlando f rom 11 am – 1 pm to answer any questions to customers regarding running, running injuries, and what is the best approach to treating their pain.  They will be educated on how to self-treat an injury by themselves at home and what to do if more medical treatment is necessary. They can also receive FREE PAPERS on “the 5 steps to pain free running

5 Steps to Pain Free Running graphic “the 5 steps to resolving your heel pain.”

5 Steps to Help Resolve your Heel Pain graphic

  If you are currently experiencing pain or a running injury you do not have to wait, and you can call now at 407-494-8835 and schedule today for a FREE CONSULTATION!  Yes a FREE CONSULTATION!   or visit our website at and find out more information about us, our services and our running injury program.

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