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Is there an natural food that helps aid in recovery?

How can I decrease inflammation?

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I must admit that I am fairly new to this tart cherry juice thing.  I usually don’t believe the general press or the internet on certain claims or statements (too many biased opinions with lack research to support claims), but the affects of tart cherry juice is beginning to have more research to help support its claim of decreasing pain, decreasing the side effects of exercise and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and decreasing inflammation.  Recently Life Extension just released an article, with attached references, regarding the Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Tart Cherry and reviewed it effects of decreasing exercise muscle soreness, decreasing inflammation, prevention of CV disease, and its anti-cancer properties.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Tart Cherry Juice

Imagine if a simple supplement like tart cherry juice could help decrease medication usage (and its known side effects) in patients with chronic pain and inflammation such as gout, osteoarthritis, RA, and atherosclerosis?  What if it could prevent or change the state of disease in pathologies such as atherosclerosis, cancer, or Alzhiemer’s disease?  Controlling inflammation is going to be a big thing in the future with many of these diseases and conditions.  

Are you on the right juice? (not steroids but Tart Cherry Juice!)

How can you decrease inflammation and oxidative stress?

Many elite level and endurance athletes are supplementing with tart cherry juice and whole food based nutrition to maximize the performance effects, decrease inflammation and oxidative stress associated with high level endurance and performance training.
One study in 2010, showed tart cherry juice supplementation aided in recovery after strenuous exercise when running. Another study, showed a decrease in pain and muscle strength loss after exercise induced muscle damage. Another research study, showed an increase in antioxidant defense towards decreasing oxidative damage with tart cherry juice. Many studies have been shown that whole food nutition with Juice Plus has shown decreased systemic inflammation and a decrease in oxidative stress.

This research is showing a supportive  body of literature that supports the use of supplementing tart cherry juice and other whole food based nutrition products , like Juice Plus, to help resolve nutrient deficiencies, decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, and decrease adverse side effects of exercise.  

  Regards, Ron