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Have you ever had pain in your shoulder blade that is not going away?

It feels like there is a trigger point there, but it still comes back after a massage?

woman with scapular muscle pain

Why is my shoulder blade and upper trap pain not going away?

It must be in my muscle because it feels like a trigger point is right in my muscle between my shoulder blade and spine!  That is what most patients say when experiencing shoulder blade pain with really no significant cause of their pain.  This is why many of them do not get relief with their massage, manipulation to mid back, icing hot, and deep tissue work.  The real problem in not in the mid back or shoulder!  Yes!  There is a concept called referred pain, when the pain you feel can be coming from another area.  The real cause of the pain and the answer to the problem, can be from the neck.  Look at the picture below that shows common referral patterns that can come from the neck.

shoulder muscle grouping diagram

How do you treat shoulder blade “trigger point” pain?

The blue, red, and yellow areas can all be areas where the neck can refer pain to.  If you continue to treat the pain in the mid back and shoulder blade, and not address the neck, you will never solve the problem and resolve your pain.  This is why many people will fail multiple treatments and still experience their mid back or should pain.  This is easily treated and can fully resolve to being pain free.  If you or someone you know is experiencing this mid back or shoulder blade pain that is not going away, call now at 407-494-8835 or schedule online at PursuitTherapy.com to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY EVALUATION today.

woman with neck pain

Solve the cause of you shoulder blade pain today!  Get back to being pain free and enjoying the activities you love.  Call Now

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