What To Do If a Nerve Ablation Failed for Low Back Pain Treatment - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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Do you know what to do if you have CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN and failed injections and nerve ablation procedures?

Here is what our patient’s said about our treatment approach: “I had chronic lower back pain that spinal epidurals and temporary nerve oblations would not relieve. My general practitioner, Dr. Richard Baxley recommended Pursuit Therapy and Ron Miller as “someone who has had good results treating back pain”. Ron spent considerably more time asking probing questions on the pain origin, timing of pain occurrence, triggers, etc. and developed an individually personal treatment program, modified and adjusted at each session to target the causes to eliminate the causing factors. I noticed positive results after only 3 or 4 sessions. Now I am walking longer distances, standing for longer periods of time, without major low back pain and now I’m getting back into a Fitness Program. I would enthusiastically (and I already have) recommend others to give Pursuit a chance to cure their ailments. Ron is a true professional and is dedicated to his patient’s quick and complete recovery from their problems.”
George P.

We can help!  Find out below what to do to resolve your low back pain when injections and nerve ablation procedures don’t help