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 Woman resting after a run

There are many fads and “new trends” in the running world but one running pattern will not work for every runner.  Every runner is different and no one runner pattern is ideal.  So instead of showing people how to run, how about showing them HOW NOT TO RUN. Many people are saying avoid a heel strike and use more of a mid foot or forefoot landing, use a minimalist shoe, use compression socks, but many of these patterns and strategies are not fully proven to aid in performance or to even decrease injury risks.  But, 2 running patterns that have been proven to avoid are avoid over striding and bouncing. Running patterns to avoid 1.   Bouncing
Avoiding vertical displacement or “a bouncing affect” when running will greatly decrease the amount of mechanical demands on the foot and legs associated with running . Demonstration of bouncing while running  
2.  Over-striding
Depiction of overstridingLanding with your foot well ahead of your center of mass has been shown to increase your risk of injury.  Neither of these patterns really adds any competitive or biomechanical edge for the endurance runner.  Actually, shortening your stride length with a faster step rate has been shown decreased injury risk and reduces hip and knee joint loads.      
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Meredith B.It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Dr. Ron Miller as your next Physical Therapist!  I am 42 years old, a mom of 2, and running enthusiast.  I have had a plethora of running injuries and have been to just about every “big” orthopedic and physical therapy group in Orlando.  I have suffered for years with plantar fasciitis in both feet, hip problems, a chronic hamstring strain and, most recently, pain in my Achilles.  I have done and tried everything…from ordering supplements online, spending countless hours searching for solutions on the internet, spending money on shoes, inserts, massage equipment, and even a personal ultrasound wand.  Just when I was about to give up the activity I love the most, Dr. Miller was recommended to me by two individuals I highly respect; one a personal trainer in the Orlando area, and the other a physical therapy student.  What makes Dr. Miller’s approach different is his ability to highly personalize a treatment plan.  I was so tired of being just a “body” going through the system; each approach to injuries the same.  The focus was always on getting over the injury…but never permanently assessing what caused the injury in the first place, and fixing that.  I was tired of medical personnel telling me to “just swim!” or worse…stop running forever.  Dr. Miller believed in me, and in my ability to begin running again pain free.  He is thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, and capable.   He is constantly checking in with me via email and text to make sure I am following our plan, and feeling good.  We have been working together for about 2 months, and I see so much improvement!  Although my recovery isn’t totally complete, I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in years.  Let me repeat that…years.  I am able to run short distances pain free!  An incredible victory!  I know that as I continue to get stronger and add mileage, Dr. Miller will be cheering me on; that kind of care and encouragement is unique to him, and hard to find.  I am so grateful I did!
Meredith B.  Call now and solve the problem that is causing your pain! Best Physical Therapist Award   source: http://www.jospt.org/doi/abs/10.2519/jospt.2014.0113#.VEallvldWzk