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Have you been told there are no in network physical therapy providers under Cigna around Orlando? Did Cigna send you to a physical therapy clinic that is 25 miles away? We have the answer to your problem!
woman with neck painYou can still get the high quality health care you deserve.   Over the past year we have witnessed so many Cigna patients come into our clinic saying that “there are no in network PT around Orlando area”, “they sent me to an ophthalmologist” (WHAT!, for PT services?) and “they sent me to a clinic 25 miles away”.   Many of these patients can get a FULL RECOVERY in 2-4 visits and end up opting to self pay for my treatments!  Yep, why bother trying to find a location, waiting weeks to be seen, when you could be pain free by next week!  Here is what are Cigna patients are saying about their results from my treatment approach:  

I attended a seminar, led by Dr. Ron Miller from Pursuit Physical Therapy, about injury prevention and treatment. I was blown away by his passion for wanting to help others find relief from injury pain. He is knowledgeable and personable, which made it very comforting for me to finally make an appointment for my ankle pain. I chose Pursuit Physical Therapy because as the Fitness Director at the Roth JCC; I wanted to be seen and treated by a reputable doctor, not by an assistant, and recover in the shortest amount of time. After months of walking around with ankle pain, which led to no leg workouts, no running, and no stress relief; I finally got the care I have always wished was out there. Previously, I was seen for an injury where I was examined by a physical therapist for 10 minutes and then left with an assistant, while she worked with multiple patients at one time. It was uncomfortable and I did not look forward to going to my physical therapy appointments. Dr. Ron Miller examined my injury, treated my injury, and has kept in contact with me even after my treatment has ended. I felt comfortable at every visit knowing I was receiving quality care from a doctor who wants to see result from his patients. Dr. Ron Miller encouraged me to gradually get back to my workouts and since my recovery I am back to running, lunging, and doing daily activity without ankle pain. As long as I continue my at home treatment prescribed by Dr. Miller, my ankle is pain free. Thank you Dr. Ron Miller for helping me to find relief from my ankle pain!

Rene N.

Best Physical Therapist Award

If you have Cigna insurance and are searching for physical therapy in the Orlando area that has no coverage, we can help!  Call now at 407-494-8835 and see what Pursuit Physical Therapy is about !

Our patients are getting better results and pain free faster!  Find out how our patients are getting these surprisingly better outcomes in less visits, without surgery, and without injections!

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