What is the best functional screen test to help prevent a CrossFit Injuries? - Pursuit Physical Therapy
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This test gives you so much information and where any impairments are located! Well, what is it? Overhead Deep Squat Test This test is one of the most informative test you can perform, especially for those who train CrossFit. The deep squat portion of the test is used to assess bilateral, symmetrical mobility of the hips, knees, and ankles and its relationship to the lumbar (low back) spine.  This test also assesses bilateral, symmetrical mobility of the shoulders and thoracic (mid back) spine with the overhead movement.  The ability to perform this test requires closed-kinetic chain dorsi-flexion of the ankles, flexion of the kness and hips, extension of the thoracic spine, as well as flexion and abduction of the shoulders. What to look for for full Overhead Deep Squat
  • Upper torso is parallel with tibia or towards vertical
  • femur is below horizontal
  • knees are aligned over feet
  • feet are pointing forward (not flaring out)
  • Bar is aligned over feet
  • Test should be pain free
This test has a series of checkpoints that need to be assessed to get a true understand of the results.  You can see how this movement is frequently used in CrossFit and may easily identify an impairment that may lead to injury.   This is why we designed the CrossFit Pre-Injury Program to identify and predisposing impairments that may increase your risk of getting injured in CrossFit.  Call 407-494-8835 today and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION or schedule here and solve the problem before an injury occurs!