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Have you been diagnosed with hip arthritis? Is there another option to treat hip arthritis besides surgery?

hip comparison diagram

Normal Hip vs Hip Osteoarthritis

Do you really need the total hip replacement right now? Yes there is!  One study showed that only 22% of hip arthritis pain patients opt for a total hip replacement after 6 years of being diagnosed with hip arthritis.  So what about the other 78%? The real question is which hips with arthritis will best benefit from surgery and which hips with benefit from physical therapy?  Welcome to the world of evidenced based medicine and this research has begun to identify which hips with arthritis (OA) will benefit from physical therapy and which ones should just proceed with surgery and a total hip replacement.  Research does show mixed results with the benefits of physical therapy for the treatment of hip arthritis, but new research has begun so we can predict if your hip is best for surgery vs physical therapy? Will I benefit from physical therapy for my hip arthritis? One preliminary study showed having 2/5 of the variables below showed a 65% success with physical therapy.  Better yet, having 3 or more /5 of the variables showed a 99% success rate with physical therapy treatment for hip arthritis.

Unilateral (One sided)  hip pain

Age less than 58 years

Pain > 6/10 on the 0-10 pain scale

Walk test score (administered by your PT)

Hip pain for less than 1 year duration

Physical therapy can help treat hip pain from arthritis! So if you have 3 or more of these variables, you may have a great result and benefit from physical therapy for the treatment of your hip arthritis.  Do you have any of these?  We can perform an evaluation and tell you exactly whether or not you will benefit from our physical therapy services.  Get the answers you deserve and solve your hip pain today. Dr. Ron Miller with patient

Call now  at 407-494-8835 and schedule your EVALUATION TODAY. Whether is is hip pain from hip arthritis, lateral hip pain, or hip impingement, we can help resolve your pain and get you back to your favorite activities!

Here is what one of our patients said about their hip pain treatment:
I went to Dr. Miller for help a few months ago after having on and off hip pain for about 8 months. As a very active individual who enjoys running and CrossFit, my hip pain reached a point where I was unable exercise the way I wanted and I was even unable to walk on some days. Once Dr. Miller evaluated my condition and determined the issue, I was pain free in just four visits. I was amazed at how quickly and easily he was able to relieve my hip pain that I had for 8 months prior, and almost kicking myself that I hadn’t gone and seen him sooner! On top of that, Dr. Miller is caring enough that he checks up after our visits together just to make sure I’m still pain free. I’ve never encountered another healthcare provider that truly cares about the overall well being of their patients as much as Dr. Miller. He shows an immense passion for his profession and it’s very evident through his practice. I am now back to running and CrossFit 5 days a week all while pain free. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing any sort of pain to see Dr. Miller immediately!
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