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Get the treatment you deserve and what is best for you! Breaking Bad Image Recently, my wife and I were watching Breaking Bad (great show by the way) and we came across this scene when one of the characters needed physical therapy treatment: ( I apologize of the poor quality video and the subtitles.  This was the only video of the scene on You Tube) Exactly! Don’t let your insurance company dictate your treatment If receiving physical therapy 7 days a week will give you a better outcome, you deserve 7 days a week.  Don’t settle for starting treatment next week or settling for only 4 days a week with a less qualified clinician. Get the best clinician and the best treatment, that will lead to the best outcome! At Pursuit Physical Therapy, your treatments are only One on One care with a board certified specialist, getting you the high quality treatment you deserve.  If you need treated 7 days a week, you can be seen 7 days a week!  So call now at 407-494-8835 to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION or schedule here.  Get back to being pain free, receiving the best quality of healthcare, and to the lifestyle you deserve.  

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