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Tired of having your Achilles tendon pain that isn’t going away? achilles_tendon_pain_types_and_symptoms_601_x Many people start treating the Achilles and say: “I have to treat the Achilles  inflammation!”,  “I have been icing my pain”,  or “I just took some anti-inflammatories for my pain but my Achilles pain keeps coming back”.  This is because you are missing a main risk factor or cause of Achilles injuries.  Decreased ankle range of motion or tight calf muscles. So how do you treat Achilles pain? Try this simple calf stretch at home: This should help resolve your Achilles pain, especially for acute cases.  If this does not help your pain, feel free to contact us at 407-494-8835 and we can get you in for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION to help solve your pain.   Or schedule below


Our Heel Pain and Running Injury Programs was designed by a board certified expert and has shown great results.  This is what one of our Achilles pain patients said about out program:
 I suffered from achilles tendinitis after starting new training.  Luckily a friend introduced me to Dr. Ron Miller.   Dr. Miller was able to treat my achilles tendinitis without any drugs or injections and the best part was that I was back running pain free in just 2 weeks.  Not only did Dr. Miller help me recover faster but he also showed me how to prevent future flare-ups.  His treatment was able to save me time and money and I only needed 2 visits!  If you are currently suffering from any kind of physical pain trust me, Dr. Miller can help you.
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