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Are you suffering from running knee pain (Runner’s Knee)? Or have you stopped running because of knee pain?

man with knee pain

Read this story about an interesting case of a runner with knee pain So here is a brief history:  patient is an avid runner who runs 3-6 miles maybe 2-3x a week.  She had experienced a case of IT band Syndrome in the past but recently was complaining of knee pain that had also failed conservative physical therapy treatment last month.  She wanted to consult with me to see if I could solve her knee pain and to see if she could run again.  I performed my evaluation and she definitely presented with some major impairments, most notably a genu valgus when performing SL squats. Genu Valgus of the knee (Knocked Knee) image

Genu Valgus of the knee (Knocked Knee)

Over the next 2 weeks we addressed the hip muscle weakness and attempted to correct the altered biomechanics.  She began showing increased strength and improved biomechanics, but she was still experiencing her same knee pain????  In my residency I remember reading a case study of a runner with knee pain that was not responding to treatment and they treated the pelvis and this resolved the pain.  So I took a step back, treated her pelvis and this resolved her symptoms!  She was pain free the next week and back running 3+ miles pain free!

Solve the problem that is causing your knee pain

injury free running graphic All knee pain is not just as simple as having patellar tendinitis, knee arthritis, etc.  The goal is to solve the true problem that is causing the pain!  If not, you will miss the problem and not get the results you want.  There is no need to spend 3-4 months in treatment either ( which I see many patients who tell me that they received treatment for 3-4-5+ months).  If you correctly identify the problem, the pain should resolve.    
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Solve the problem that is causing your pain and get back to running pain free with our proven Running Injury Program!
I searched out Dr. Ron after meeting him at a local physical therapy convention. I am an avid runner and was having left hip pain and toe numbness. My goals were to decrease hip pain and numbness during and after running.  Ron was very friendly and personable during the evaluation process. He was easy to get a hold of and setting up the appointment was an easy process. I really enjoyed the time spent on my running mechanics and being able view myself was pretty and he’s asleepcool. (Ron has a very informative and helpful app that can videotape and analyze running mechanics). Ron was able to pinpoint the source of my hip pain and provided a very helpful stretching and strengthening program.  He also provided great follow up care after my appointment.  I am proud to say that I was able to complete my first 1/2 marathon symptom free! Without the helpful treatment and home exercise program, I don’t believe that I would’ve been able to accomplish this goal! Thank you Dr. Ron!
Laura B. Best Physical Therapist Award